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A healthy child will lead to a healthy nation. SAI International School ensures life-long, positive, hygienic behaviour in the children to be pursued in order to be healthy.
Students are also encouraged to do yoga and exercises for a healthy body, mind and soul.

Health check-ups

The school ensures that students get the routine health check-up done twice annually, where height, weight, eye, dental and a general health check-up is done and a report is submitted with the report card, to the parents. In case of urgent attention, parents are intimated through personal phone calls and emails, to ensure a quick intervention.

At the Infirmary

There is an in-house, experienced doctor to attend to children’s sudden health issues and an Infirmary for them to rest in case of need. The school has in-house qualified nurses to cater to the needs of the students whenever required.

Standards of Hygiene

Being healthy and hygienic wouldn’t be possible if a hygienic process of cooking and eating is not followed. The students at SAI International are served with food cooked in hygienic conditions, under the supervision of expert dieticians in an immaculately clean kitchen.

Clean Cafeteria

The cafeteria features a spacious, large and hygienic eating place. The seating has been immaculately designed to keep the cafeteria hassle free during rush hours.


The hygiene of the washrooms is maintained by the SAI Care or the cleaning staff who tirelessly work towards keeping the washrooms impeccably clean.

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