“Nobody is bothered about an institution more than its alumni”. - N. R. Narayana Murthy

SAI International School and SAI International Residential School hosted an overwhelming Alumni Virtual Reunion 2021, which was held on Sunday, December 26, 2021. The Reunion was a highly successful event with a  wonderful address by Sr.  Principal, Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi, who was ecstatic and emotional to welcome the participants to the virtual meet.

SAI International Education Group is that enlightened path that has provided its alumni with the well rounded development fueling many of their successful careers. SAI International School and SAI International Residential School, has grown into one of the finest educational schools in India. SAI strives to relive the nostalgia and maintain an interconnectedness amongst it’s extended 'global family.'

SAI International expresses love and affection towards their former students during the course of the event. This year the alumni dedicated a loving tribute to their beloved Chairman Sir, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder SAI International Education Group, many of them reminiscing about their school days and times spent with him.

The true realization of his dreams and vision that had urged him to channelize all his efforts towards the noble field of education. The tribute had beautiful moments with many of his students perfect happy moments well captured almost as a virtual walk down the memory lane. He will be forever remembered reinventing the educational approach in the state for providing quality education of international standards encountered with challenges, too. His vision, leadership skills, high standards, and commitment were the most crucial starting lessons, to have an impact on the alumni’s lives.

The alumni were very happy to have met virtually, as they blaze the trail in their respective careers in India abroad, it was indeed a happy moment to be able to meet each other virtually. Dr. Sahoo, has built an institution that has pioneered a pedagogy focusing entirely on nurturing and developing the skills, aptitudes as well as attitude for a meaningful existence in the 21st century. His students recollected with many such nostalgic moments spent with him, their teachers and friends during their school days.

The efforts taken by the institution to be a premier institution encapsulating an international dimension has already earned a reputation in nationally and internationally education circles. It is evident in his long-standing association in the field education with commitment and devoted endeavors to offer our students best opportunities and a fine learning experience. Today, many of them have life long determination to live up to all his expectations, all their lives.

 His vision has been catalyst while changing the perception of global education, the awards and accolades received by the School for all his contributions towards the betterment of the education system, in Odisha for building a strong nation and a prosperous society. He has truly envisioned and succeeded in all his endeavors in creating a human transformation centre for skill building. The alumni had a delightful time interacting amongst each other, many best kept secrets were shared on a lighter note for the sheer nostalgia and amusement of all.

SAI International Hosts "Journalism Without Fear" with Schools from China, Vietnam, Uganda, Japan & India

"The duty of journalists is to tell the truth. Journalism means you go back to the actual facts, you look at the documents, you discover what the record is, and you report it that way." - Noam Chomsky

SAI International hosted the first ever online event on ‘Journalism Without Fear’ with a focus on helping aspiring young journalists. The event was arranged by Going Global Club, with students of Classes VI- VIII as participants on Thursday, December 23, 2021.

The keynote speakers of the Global competition were  leading journalists from India  Shri Shyamal Majumdar, Author, Columnist and former Editor of Business Standard and Shri Ashok Pradhan, News Head, Times of India, Odisha.

It was a Round Square inspired event that allowed its participants to discuss the importance of journalism in today's world and interact with seasoned journalists who have made an impact during their careers. Students got the opportunity to ask questions about the exciting world of Journalism and got an inside glimpse of the impact journalists play in today’s society. This event is hosted by the Going Global Club of SAI International in collaboration with 18 Round Square schools had registered from China, Vietnam, Uganda Japan and India.

Shri Shyamal Majumdar was delighted to speak to the students on the unique theme of ‘Journalism Without Fear’, and said, “Journalism is without fear or favour, should be accurate, compassionate and independent as it is important to present the inside story for people to make sense of the information that goes beyond sharing the basic news”.  Shri Ashok Pradhan highlighted on many aspects of real life

This was the launch event, all participants are expected to work on a short research papers and create corresponding mood boards. The submissions will be judged under different age groups and categories. Finally there will be an award ceremony after the winter vacations on January 7, 2022. The event was a perfect opportunity for students from Classes VII - IX and XI who have a passion for journalism and writing.

Tarun Tapan Bhuyan, Class VIII, SAI International School, delighted to have been a part of the event said that talk was so very informative and suffusing to all students. The address was more like a conversation, so easy to grasp and garner. It was amazing to hear that “Journalism is the currency of our world.” And it gave the students a new perspective of what true journalism was. It felt for the first time, what truly is journalism, news is not only for the sake of spreading information of relevance rather than malice or insult. It was very gratifying to hear Shri Shyamal Majumdar.

Tran Ngoc Dinh, Class XI, Renaissance International School Saigon, Vietnam - I really appreciated your answers about fake news, which is a global issue plaguing us all. Journalism is not always a career parents in Viet Nam consider for their children but I will take your words to heart. I truly want to be a journalist and you have inspired me to follow my dream.

Moli Shah, Class XI, The Lawrence School, India found the talk extremely inspiring , it was an honour to hear about journalism with real life examples and was very  grateful to have  taken part in "Journalism Without Fear".

SAI International School Ranked as the #1 School of India, second year in a row and SAI International Residential School is #1 School of Eastern for the second time.

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.” ― Ronald Reagan

For the second year in a row, SAI International School has been ranked as the #1 School of India by EducationWorld India School Rankings 2021-22, in the Co-ed Day Cum Boarding School category. The award was by received by Shri Nilakhanta Panigrahi, Senior Principal, SAI International School, Shri Vikram Aditya Sahoo, and Representative of the Founder Vikram Aditya Sahoo, SAI International Education Group and Headmaster Shri Amitabh Agnihotri of SAI International Residential School.

 While last year SAI International shared this coveted status with DPS RK Puram of New Delhi, this year SAI bagged the No.1 spot alone. Following SAI in the ranking table are DPS RK Puram with second rank and Modern School, Barakhamba Road, Delhi with third rank.

 Each year, EducationWorld releases ‘The India School Rankings’ to benchmark more than 1000 schools across the country. The rankings are based on 14 parameters of excellence. SAI has achieved extraordinary marks in each parameter. The parameters include Academic Reputation, Online Education Effectiveness, Parental Involvement, Individual Attention to Students, Competence of Faculty amongst others parameters.

COVID 19 led to a huge disruption in the education sector, with the future of students was at a jeopardy and the world brought to an absolute standstill. Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder-Chairman SAI International Education Group, during the pandemic introduced technology oriented education, for an immersive learning experience involving students and parents in all academic and all extracurricular online activities. The new methodology of the education system was appreciated and lauded across many forums.

 With great humility and a deep sense of gratitude, we would like to share that the school stands gloriously rewarded for it’s constant innovative immersive learning platform that has set the benchmark in the K-12 education. The news brought great joy to all the students and teachers as the legacy of excellence continues. It gives a sense of great attainment to see that the School is able to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of innumerable parents and students who embark their journey with us to achieve bigger goals in life.

 The India School Rankings have set precedence as a reference index for aspiring parents in selecting the appropriate and befitting school for their children, simultaneously aiding students to choose the precise school to pursue their dreams. It also enables academicians and non-academicians to find a happy place and positive environment to work in.

Shri Nilakhanta Panigrahi, Senior Principal, SAI International School speaking on the occasion stated, “I am delighted to receive the honor, this attributes that we are constantly striving towards success in making SAI International School an internationally benchmarked, premier educational institution of excellence where children are nurtured to grow up as fine individuals, principled human beings and enabled global leaders. As an educational institution we give paramount importance to teachers competency and continually upgrade it through various trainings and workshops to benefit the learnings of all the students. The recognition has kindled in us a new-found passion to excel beyond the self and redefine our boundaries of educational excellence”.

International Day of Person’s with Disability observed at SAI International

“The downside of my celebrity is that I cannot go anywhere in the world without being recognized. It is not enough for me to wear dark sunglasses and a wig. The wheelchair gives me away.” ― Stephen Hawking

“Let’s talk about disability, inclusion and accessibility and lets embrace differences & celebrate diversity”, said Dr Sruti Mohapatra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Swabhiman. International Day of Person’s with Disability was observed at SAI International on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

The warm winter morning at SAI International School was graced by Dr Sruti Mohapatra, Executive Founder Swabhiman, State Disability Information and Resource Centre, Odisha as the keynote Speaker. The day was observed by SAI International School in association with Swabhiman.

While addressing the gathering Dr Sruti Mohapatra profoundly remembered Founder Chairman, late Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo and said, “Dr Sahoo not just started a School but has initiated a thought process to make the students of SAI International agents of change for an inclusive, accessible and diverse society leading world towards a sustainable planet”.

The day started with a welcome address by Principal Secondary SAI International School, Shri Prakash Sahoo emphasizing on creating a society that is inclusive empathetic and compassionate.

The day unfolded with the understanding of disability, busting the myths and presenting the facts, followed by a highly invigorating interactive session with stimulating activities with the students. Children also learnt some sign languages and shared their experiences. Students had an overwhelming experience by hearing out the specially abled children.

Speaking on the occasion Senior Principal Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi, said,” Accessibility is not only an issue that applies only to people with disabilities – it is an issue that affects everybody. Disability of mind is worse than disability of body, therefore training the mind young with positivity will make the world a better place to live in, with diversity”.

British Deputy High Commissioner visits SAI International School

“Synergy – the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously.” – Mark Twain

British Deputy High Commissioner Mr Nick Low visited SAI International School on Wednesday, November 24, 2021. He was accorded a warm welcome and given an escorted tour of the School and SAI Angan. Mr. Low had a discussion with Chairperson Dr. Silpi Sahoo and other members of the Senior Leadership Team on various International programs of the school. 

Senior Principal, SAI International School, Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi, was very happy to meet him and welcomed Mr. Nick Low, British Deputy High Commissioner, at SAI International. SAIoneers  from SAI TV, got a chance to interact with Mr. Low and wanted to know his views on  few pertinent questions. Many students are interested to pursue their higher education abroad, what kind of support would be extended by the British High Commission. The students wanted to know about what has been the impact of the Pandemic on students in India and the UK. He had a wonderful time interacting with the students of SAI International School.

The international dimension of the school was presented. He spoke about opportunities given by the British High Commission for young Indians desirous of studying in UK Universities as well as on the role of British Council to elevate the level of education through standardization of English. Mr. Low advised everyone to be enthusiastic learners as the boundaries of knowledge of our world are much beyond the classroom.

He appreciated all the international programs being done in the School, social connect activities as well as on the School’s Global Dimension projects with other countries like UK, USA, Uganda and China. He was very happy to see the various labs, the Art, Music and Sports arenas that have been crucial towards the holistic immersive learning of the students.

Mr Nick Low, British Deputy High Commissioner, stated “ I am quite excited to go around the school, the virtual classes are being conducted in a very creative manner both in cognitive and non –cognitive areas. The implementation of the Cambridge curriculum is very noteworthy indeed and students will immensely benefit out of it, when they move abroad for their higher studies. I am looking forward for future collaborations with SAI International School.

 Dr Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International, speaking during the occasion said, “I am very delighted to meet Mr Nick Low British Deputy High Commissioner. We have had over the years worked on the vision of the Founder Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo towards the future of the students. He had rightfully envisioned and built a great relationship between the British Council and the School. It is a deep pleasure to have Mr. Low amidst us.We is looking forward for stronger strategic partnership with the British Council and the High Commission for the benefit of all our students. The British Council has very old ties with the school since it’s beginning and supported to strengthen the curriculum with an interest in providing a meaningful and global exposure to students. As this year we have a very high number of students applying to the UK universities, your presence and interaction with students will encourage them.”

Mr Nick Low bid adieu with great promises to support the mission and vision of the school. 

Observation of International Youth Day

“Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

SAI International School celebrated its 10th International Youth Day on November 20, 2021 in collaboration with Jr. & sr. High School of Kogakuin University, Japan.  The last two months of preparation and after many hours of practice, the event finally paid off as the tight knit team with over 30 students in the Organizing committee hosted a flawless programme. The programme started at 10:30am with an Opening Session introducing the concept of International Youth Day which has become a staple event of the school. This year was the 2nd year to conduct it virtually. The event was online we could host 230 students and teachers from 20 schools located in six different countries including India, Australia, UAE, Ghana, Japan and Uganda. The Keynote speaker was Catherine Nakabugo Founder and Executive Director of  Direct Hand Foundation, an organization empowering rural young girls and women in MHM and entrepreneurial skills and we also run community libraries to empower girls in sciences in the districts of Wakiso and Buyende. She is passionate about girls’ education. Her topic was “Feminism around the World” with a focus on Uganda, her home country. The question answer session was very informative as Catherine spoke about her simple upbringing and the hardships she had to face as a woman in her country including the lack of educational opportunity for women and how she overcame her minimal upbringing and became a woman math teacher. 

There were 470 participant, dispersed into 12 small breakout sessions called Barazas. Each Baraza mixed up students from each participating country and was themed after a sub - topic of feminism like Dismantling systemic disparity, Unburdening feminism, Feminism And Art, Untwining the conventional to name a few. During the two hour Baraza participants took a deep look into each of them and challenged students to think about traditional feminism  stereotypes, barriers, discriminations and social expectations placed on women from birth. Students debated, drew pieces of art, prompting questions, games and several activities. In conclusion each Baraza had to create a presentation that summed up their Baraza Theme and learning experiences and share it during the Closing Session.

After the baraza finished there was a 30 minute break followed by the Closing Session which hosted Naimisha, a graduate from Maitreyi College, University of Delhi with a degree in Sociology and holding several internships in the field of journalism and activism. She conducted an open ended interactive session with the participants asking them about gender stereotypes. She also touched on the importance of being a feminist and how necessary it is in the current world. 

The Closing Session concluded with a presentation by each Baraza, a calligraphy lesson in Japanese and Hindi and finally the announcement of the Feminsim Logo Competition. Each participating school prepared a logo on the theme of feminism and were judged based on aesthetic design and creativity.   

Karina Rothacker, Round Square Representative from Bishop Druitt College Australia, who have 12 students participating wrote “Thank you SAI International School  for organizing a fascinating conference. Our students and I gained such insight. We loved the input from speakers from different countries. It has opened my eyes as to what it means to be a feminist. Thank you for the time, effort and professionalism that has been put into this event. All the student Baraza leaders were tremendous.” 

SAI International School really appreciates it’s collaboration with the Jr. & Sr. High School of Kogakuin University especially with the Round Square Representative, Chiho Nakagawa and her team of amazing students. Over the last two years a unique relationship has formed between the two schools forming a strong friendship. 

Dr. Shilpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International , speaking on the occasion said “ I am extremely happy to host the schools from India, Australia, UAE, Ghana, Japan and Uganda and many more  at SAI International IYD 2021 celebrations,  a cause much needed for the young minds to be sensitized on maintain equity and equality of men and women. It helped them to understand that political socio-economic reforms to have led to affirmative action in education of women”.

SAIoneers sweep the Results of NEET 2021

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”. - Confucius

SAI International School has created history yet again with multiple SAIoneers bringing in great laurels to the school. The NEET result was declared on Monday, Nov 1, 2021, with the three meritorious students emerging as State Toppers.

Nekta N Swasti Sravan Mishra, the State Topper has scored 99.993percentile, secured AIR 75th Rank along with Geeti  Gayatri  Panda, 2nd State Topper AIR 100 has scored 99.993 percentile, and Sooraj Nanda is 3rd State Topper AIR 124 has scored 99.991percentile. All three students are highly talented and hardworking SAIoneers have brought immense glory to the School with their meritorious performance in the NEET, 2021.

Nekta is a highly brilliant, focussed, well- disciplined and a humble student who believes in hard work and perseverance. He had known right from the beginning that he wanted to grow up to be a doctor. Once his parent’s dream of seeing him be a doctor someday, had become his own dream. He had left no stones unturned to sincerely prepare for the highly competitive national medical entrance.

He gave the credit for his achievement to his parents, his teachers at SAI International School, and his mentors at Aakash Institute. According to Nekta, teachers were very supportive at SAI International school, and helped him strategically plan school assignments and weekly tests, while helping him with preparation of CBSE board examinations. They never hesitated to clear doubts and promptly attended calls and extended strong hand holding throughout.

SAIoneer Geeti Gayatri Panda Rank,  2nd State Topper, AIR 100, is a highly confident, intelligent and hard-working student who has emerged as a distinctive personality. Her 100th Rank is the result of a dream she envisioned for herself since her 10th grade. 

SAIoneer Suraj Nanda, 3rd State Topper, AIR 124 is a highly focused, disciplined and a very hardworking student who has put best efforts all throughout. Suraj used to put in daily 6-7hours studies to prepare for the entrance test, and kept referring to the NCERT books and solving the mock papers. He is very happy with the support of the school and his teachers who have helped him greatly, to realise his dream. 

Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson SAI International, in her own words stated, “It is a truly remarkable moment for SAI International School, for having SAIoneers to top in JEE MAIN and JEE Advanced But also in NEET 2021. I am super elated with the performance of all the students in NEET2021, especially for all the three brilliant students, the State Toppers who had been working very hard, since the last few months. It is wonderful to see students putting in such good efforts while preparing for the highly competitive entrance examination of the country, hence wishing them all the very best for all their future endeavours. SAI International School wishes them all, heartiest congratulations on their individual achievements!!

The Big Green Bang- Seed Bombing

“Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky, we fell them down and turn them into paper, That we may record our emptiness.”  - Khalil Gibran

SAI International , conducted “The Big Green Bang- Seed Bombing”   in collaboration with the Rotary Club on Thursday, October 28, 2021. The event was a virtual climate action workshop, unfolding for the participants.

Trees play a crucial role in maintaining balance in the ecosystem. But, modernization, urbanization, population expansion, etc., have led to the rapid decline of the earth’s green cover. To counter this, numerous steps have been taken across the globe. There are various stakeholders including government machinery, institutions, environment groups, environment lovers in the initiatives to protect the environment. A ‘Seed Bomb’ is a novel initiative adopted at a few places. What is a Seed Bomb? It is a technique of planting trees by embedding organic seed balls in the ground, also known as aerial reforestation. Seeds planted through this procedure have a success rate of 40- 50%.

The Eco - Club of SAI International School, The Planeteers, launched its first online session called the Big Green Bang. The Planeteers is a collaborative club with a mix of the Going Global Club and the Interact Clubs of the School. After three weeks of planning they invited fellow Round Square Schools and Interact Clubs from all over the world. 17 Round Square Schools and Interact Clubs joined in the fun from six countries including India, Pakistan, Kenya, South Korea, Namibia and the Philippines with a total of 300 participants. This activity is based on the Round Square IDEALS, E for Environmentalism with a focus on climate action, carbon footprint reduction and aerial reforestation called SEED BOMBING.

Looking at the wide range of utilities that trees provide to the human kind and the world, one really needs to understand the value of trees and why planting even a single tree bring about a significant change. And this isn’t the first time trees are being brought under the radar, history is going to witness many great leaders and philosophers emphasizing on the value of tree plantation that holds the key to a green planet.

The Keynote Speaker was Shri Surjit Pratap Singh Deo, Director Environment, Rotary India. He spoke about Seed Bombing and it’s importance in combating Climate Change, the benefits, how to make a seed bomb and the success rate. Shri Singh Deo introduced the students on the importance of planting trees and gave a live demonstration of Seed Bomb, which are seeds that have been wrapped in soil matter and then dried. As such, seed balls became an important aspect of natural farming and making a green environment in enterprises all over the world. Shri Singh Deo, shared, “it was very inspiring to note the interest and involvement of all students and teachers for having taken out time to work towards bettering our environment. It was very nice to see the students participated in the drive enthusiastically and helped each other in planting the seed bombs in the school ground”.

The main aim of the drive was to direct student’s mind in being involved in taking up environment friendly measures that present positive outcomes through action. The students along with the teachers also planted the seed bombs, and encouraged others to do the same. Some of the students also shared their previous experiences and shared their joy with others present. The drive was a super success, enriching students with adequate knowledge of environment and plants.

Mr. Nilakanta Panigrahi, Sr. Principal, of SAI International was also part of this drive, addressing the students and the guests on the important aspects of planting, and growing more trees. The best gift we can give to our dear Mother Earth is to plant such seed bombs, for the seeds to flourish, to grow as plants. Let us pledge to plant seed bomb from time to time, surely it will bring a small green cover back in few years time, with all our collaborated efforts”.