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by SAI Admin

14 April, 2016


Leaves dropped when they were speaking,

They say that I am sick,

But how can they know,

When I find myself totally fit;

You say I am “abnormal”

And everything about me needs special attention,

Didn’t you just check out my beautiful paintings

That the walls of my room adorn?

I might be different,

And sometimes write my letters and numbers backwards too,

But I cannot help it,

What my brain forces me to do;

You may not understand me,

And the world I live in,

I try hard to interpret its beauty,

But they all seem to go in vain;

I also have feelings,

And get hurt easily,

Being oblivious to others, and getting the same in return,

Isn’t exactly a new thing for me;

The other day,

Daddy took me to the park,

And the kids out there stayed away from me,

I witnessed all the people stare so long at us,

That it set my head to spin;

I might not walk properly or

At times sit straight,

I’m just too tired to correct them, trying hard to belong here, and

Make everything perfect;

I don’t speak much,

You see, I’m quite shy,

Be with and try to understand me for some time,

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your day;

They say I’m sick,

And that I’ll remain like this forever,

Be it then, Mommy,

All I wanted to tell you and Daddy is that,

My love for you will cease never!