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by SAI Admin

18 May, 2019

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.” – Laurence Sterne

To create a positive work environment, it is crucial to adhere to a proper work place etiquette. A workshop on Work Place Etiquette was conducted by Shri Harish Sanduja, Principal, SAI International School on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Shri Sanduja outlined the various ways on how to maintain proper etiquette in a School.

He spoke on the importance of body language, proper attire, adhering to arrival time, being thoroughly prepared beforehand for events and meetings etc. As people often form impressions about others within seconds of meeting them, it is immensely important to make a good first impression and present oneself as a professional.

He also spoke on the need to avoid gossip and focus on proper communication. As communication forms an important part of work place etiquette, one should keep in mind on how to communicate with colleagues in meetings and during one-on-one conversations. He spoke on the importance of sending proper e-mails or any items of communication. The workshop also focused on proper use of mobile phones, the importance of talking in English, respecting others space etc.

Shri Sanduja said that as a teacher, one needs to be very careful with words and manners while dealing with parents and students. He asked the teachers to be attentive, avoid lecturing, listen to concerns, provide tangible solutions, not compare students and offer help only if one is able to keep up their word. He also asked the participants not to argue or whine and try to understand their side and try to be as neutral as possible. He said that limitations only live in the minds and as teachers one need to open up their mind to new ideas.

Photos from the Event