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by SAI Admin

29 April, 2019

“A child whose behaviour pushes you away is a child who needs connection before anything else.” – Kelly Bartlett

As part of the capacity building of teachers, a workshop on ‘Understanding Children’ was organised on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Facilitator Shri Harish Sanduja, Principal, SAI International School briefed about how to help children to have a goal or purpose of what they are learning, how to consciously decide to put what the students have to learn in their long-term memory through the process best suited and how to keep memory active by repeated retrieval that will help in sending info to permanent memory.

Shri Sanduja spoke about the individual role of the primitive brain and the neo cortex and how the constant tussle between the two impact the overall behaviour of an individual. To help the participants understand the children in a better way, he shared about the three main learning styles like visual, auditory and kinesthetics and the ways how each type of learner receives information and recall, their body language, type of breathing and the voice processing speed. He also elaborated on the three out of the five Representational Systems like visual system where one creates the internal pictures, visualize, daydream, fantasize and Imagine, t he Auditory System which is often a mixture of words and other sounds and the Kinesthetic System, which is made up of our internal and external feelings of touch and body awareness, including emotions.

He shared that children have individual differences and experience the world through their unique physiology. He advised the participants to observe the unique style of each child, and accordingly adapt expectation and align interaction, give them options that allow expression and appreciation and continue exploration till the reason for as particular behaviour is traced. He also spoke about some of the discipline strategies like assigning responsibilities, establishing a routine, taking away privileges etc.


Photos from the Event