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by SAI Admin

11 April, 2019

“If the world changed and you are not doing anything to prepare the kids, you are doing a disservice to them.” – Tom Driscoll

An in-house workshop on the topic, ‘Classroom management and effective teaching of Social Sciences’ was conducted for the Social Science teachers from Class IV to X on April 8 and 9, 2019.

Ms. Mamata Rani Dash, HOD, Social Studies, highlighted the basic difference between the concept of Social Studies and Social Science, difference between Pure Science and Social Science as well as briefed the participants on the nature and scope of Social Science.

The participants also learnt about effective classroom management skills, techniques for improving students’ involvement in teaching, enhancement of effective listening skills among students and also got familiarized to the concept of peer teaching.

Through interesting activities and role play, Ms. Dash introduced the participants to the Interdisciplinary approach in teaching Social Sciences and teaching concepts like impact of rotation and revolution and functioning of Gram Sabha. She also spoke about creation of personal library for improving knowledge on current affairs, utilisation of news articles and cartoons from newspapers for enhancing critical and analytical thinking among students.

Photos from the Event