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by SAI Admin

28 August, 2018

A Mathematics workshop on ‘Demystifying Word Problem’ was conducted for the teachers to enrich their classroom transactions. The workshop conducted by Educational Initiatives focussed on making mathematical concepts clearer and easier for students and help them develop an affinity towards the subject. The Resource persons were Ms. Jayanti Das Gupta and Ms. Sudhesna Roy.

As seen in most cases, the language part of a word problem is one of the greatest stumbling block for students, therefore the teachers were asked to enable the students on how to get rid of the block. The participants also learnt the ropes on how to help students tackle the other difficult step in word problem i.e., transforming one conceptual understanding into another. Greater focus was given to help the students visualize the concept and solve a single problem in different ways.

Teachers also learnt on the importance of making a real difference to the students by changing the language and mannerism of teaching. The interactive workshop enabled teachers to explore on how to use essential conceptual linking to help their students understand the applications they examine, as well as how different concepts link together to decode mathematical problems.

Photos from the Event