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by SAI Admin

20 August, 2018

Oh William Wordsworth, how great you are

Your poems are simple, but justified by far!

You adored your sister as dearly,

But never could bear it when she was weary.

A nature lover… I’m sure it’s you!

In your poems, you describe of…

Nature’s sweet gust and the sky blue.

How sweet! How tender!

I always adore and often wonder,

My friend writes poems just like you,

And I’m sure that, one day, she’ll make it through,

Meanwhile, I don’t think can ever describe,

In such a beautiful way you write your rhymes.

Till now, you’ve encouraged me and my friends,

As sweetly and calmly as in your realms.

But tell me please, oh great poet,

How do you write your nature loving poems?

By: Chayanika Das