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by SAI Admin

27 July, 2018

A Webinar on the topic “Profile Enhancement” was conducted for students of Class XII. Aryama Dutta Saikia, COO, Jamboree Education Pvt. Ltd, spoke on how to strengthen one’s profile which applying for top Foreign Universities. She gave valuable tips on how to enrich their profile so that it stands out while being scrutinized by top Universities that have 5% acceptance rates.

Ms. Dutta Saikia briefed them on various Advance Placement (AP) courses which can add value to their profile and suggested them to take up interest related courses or projects. She also spoke on the importance of taking up Leadership roles in the school, getting involved in extracurricular activities, ability to learn foreign languages, getting involved in music and sports to add diversity to the profile. Participation in MUN, performing or creative art can make the profile more alluring.

Photos from the Event