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by SAI Admin

23 January, 2019

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you.” – John C. Maxwell

A Webinar on the topic “Stream Selection, students first academic decision”, was organised for students of Class X on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 in the Sushila Devi auditorium. It was conducted by Ms. Muskan Bhatia, Univariety Counsellor. She addressed the probable questions regarding higher studies that arise in the minds of students during this stage of life.

Ms. Bhatia briefed the students about different streams and possible career options for each stream. She spoke about the available streams like Commerce, Science and Humanities, what are the vital points to consider before selecting the right stream as well as pros and cons of various streams. She also spoke about the various myths attached to each stream and cleared them with logical reasoning. Ms. Bhatia elaborated the benefits of taking Commerce with Mathematics.

Some of the other issues on which she spoke were, ability to take the career aptitude test, choosing the subjects with different combination, information about Vedic Maths, new upcoming streams, professional courses etc.

SAI International School believes in bringing about a meaningful change in the lives of its students by constantly guiding them to pursue the right path. Through proper nurturing of talent and skill, it equips the students with versatile qualities. Simultaneously, the school takes care to identify and understand the area of expertise of the students as well as motivates them for self-reflection to assess their own strength and weakness. This gives them the ability to weigh options before taking any decisions and also inspires the children to gain a better control over their life in order to move ahead successfully. The career counseling and the personalized care provided by the school further helps the students make informed decisions which leads them to their desired higher or professional studies.

Photos from the Event