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by SAI Admin

09 February, 2021

“The real enemy of safety is not non-compliance but non-thinking.” – Dr. Rob Long

SAI International School conducted a Virtual Traffic Awareness and Interaction Programme on Monday, February 8, 2021. Dr. Sudhanshu Sarangi, Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar & Cuttack addressed  the programme. The Bhubaneswar Police Commissionerate has taken a strong stand against the rampant traffic violations with launch of a public awareness programme, in regard to wrong side parking, double parking, triple riding and parking in no park zone.

Dr Sarangi highlighted the challenges faced by traffic cops in management of road safety. No matter how many rules may be put in place ultimately the onus lies with each one of us, as we should not only remain accountable but we must pledge to maintain road safety rules as utmost priority. He urges us all to take a pledge, to show concern for others, refrain from unnecessary honking. Dr. Sarangi said  “In developing countries, the authorities and schools must take proactive steps to introduce social awareness among students from childhood. We are also planning to do the same and help bring more traffic sense among our student communities. If children learn traffic rules from young days, they will definitely follow road safety rules in future and commit less traffic violations.”

He was very glad to be able to speak to the children, as they are the future custodians to make sure the traffic rules are followed and obeyed. During his talk he shared his own student experiences how he used to walk, instead to using a vehicle for work or small errands. He wishes parents now, must encourage their children to walk or cycle instead of using a bike or car.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder SAI International Education Group, in his own words mentioned ,” We must have Children Traffic Park  identified where students can be trained very well on traffic etiquettes. He wishes that Parent Volunteers for Change in society should be taken up wholeheartedly by parents too, as we can lead by example”. Dr. Sahoo, also suggested if Student -Police concept could be explored further on where students would be provided with badges, and get to learn policing etiquettes and volunteer in clearing a traffic snarls. 

He also requested Dr Sarangi to bless the students on the investiture ceremony by awarding the prestigious titles to the respective students. The department of school education and different schools and colleges in the city and rural areas will conduct awareness programmes and symposiums on traffic safety. Our SAIoneers had some very pertinent questions, the answers of which they were very patiently provided by Dr. Sarangi. One student asked in post-pandemic scenario is it safe to start using car pooling, Dr. Sarangi answered, yes eventually as we all are getting back to normal with proper care and precaution, it is fine.

The department of school education and different schools and colleges in the city and rural areas will conduct awareness programmes and symposiums on traffic safety. Awareness workshops on concepts of “golden hour”, first-aid basics and traffic rule enforcement will also be conducted. Overall it was a highly successful event with the floor being opened for question and answer session.

Photos from the Event