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Unlocking Opportunities: Bridging the Gap Between Theory & Practice

by SAI Admin

08 June, 2023

“Internships are not just about filling up your resume; they are about filling up your mind with real-world knowledge and practical skills." - Anonymous

In today's fast-paced and competitive world, classroom education alone is not enough to prepare students for the challenges they will face in the professional realm. Recognizing this need, SAI International School facilitated with the 2nd edition of SAI Prashikshan, a ground-breaking internship initiative for students in Classes IX-XII. This program goes beyond traditional academic learning, providing students with real-world exposure and equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for future success.

SAI Prashikshan 2023, an innovative school-based internship endeavour, has proven to be a remarkable learning experience for students. Through this program that commenced on June 1, 2023, students have gained invaluable practical knowledge, enhanced their skills, and unlocked new opportunities for personal and professional growth. The internship provided a platform for students to apply classroom learning in real-world scenarios, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication. Moreover, it enabled students to explore diverse career paths and make informed decisions about their future. SAI Prashikshan 2023 has truly empowered students, equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive in the dynamic world beyond the classroom. Students will be continuing with their internship tenures with several leading global NGOs & organizations, Fintech companies, IT firms, Media Houses, Banks, hospitality sector, real estate and other well-acclaimed educational institutions until June 15, 2023.

Empowering Learners Beyond the Boundaries of Textbooks

By bridging the gap between theory and practice, this program empowers students, nurtures their talents, and shapes them into well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world. UNICEF, ILS (Institute of Life Sciences), Software Technology Parks of India (Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India) Niser, IIT, Bhubaneswar, CYSD (Centre for Youth & Social Development) Sparc, IHM (Institute of Hotel Management), Batoi, Bang Labs, Yovant, Jigyasu, The New Indian Express, OmmCom, Kaapro, My City Links, Prelude, Tatwa, Milk Mantra, Z Estate, Kalabhoomi, Mayfair are some of the companies students interned at this year.

Internships: The Ultimate Classroom Without Walls

Some of the projects & learnings from some of the aforementioned companies are as follows:

ILS (Institute of Life Sciences)- Comprehensive Laboratory Work

SAIoneers of Classes IX-XII engaged in SAI Prashikshan 2023 at ILS (Institute of Life Sciences), wherein they undertook central facility visits, indulged in comprehensive laboratory work, project writing as they researched on various imperative topics such as: Malaria Parasite Biology, Bacteria Cell Division, DNA repair and Yeast Hematopoiesis, Human Genetics, Developmental Biology, Virology, Cancer Biology, Nanotechnology, Circular RNA, Plant Biotechnology, Human Genetics, Developmental Biology, Virology & more.

Milk Mantra- Dairy Marketing & Brand Communication

In a bid to gain exposure to dairy marketing & brand communication through hands-on experience, SAIoneers of Classes IX-XII indulged in solving assigned tasks based on sales, human resources & the organizational structure of Milk Mantra as a part of SAI Prashikshan 2023. They got an opportunity to meet the founders, working officials & farmers at Milk Mantra, delving deeper into understanding the manufacturing process & strategies to ensure high quality outcomes for customers.

My City Links- Multimedia Storytelling & Social Media Management

SAIoneers of Classes XI & XII engrossed in learning about Multimedia Storytelling, Content Creation, Social Media Management in terms of branding & advertising at 'My City Links’, through SAI Prashikshan. Working at this twin city-centric publication has been an wonderful opportunity to expose the SAIoneers to feel the pulse of urban life in Odisha & create interesting content covering a wide range of topics starting from art, culture, food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, people and entertainment to news and current affairs.

CYSD – Community Mapping & Urban Health Development

SAIoneers engaged in their summer internship with CYSD (Centre for Youth & Social Development) to better understand the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in society. As a part of SAI Prashikshan, the students indulged in field visits to Sikharachandi and Dhirakuti slums, in a bid to design presentations & bring some light onto the urban health scenario of residents through community mapping & documentation.

Kaapro- HR Consultancy & Staffing

To understand the dynamics of HR consultancy, staffing & the recruitment process, SAIoneers of Classes XI & XII worked closely with the recruitment team at Kaapro, one of the leading recruitment firms in the country. Through SAI Prashikshan 2023 (SAI Internship Program), the budding entrepreneurs understood the most demanding HR needs of a client in this fast-paced world and how recruiting manpower at the right time and with stipulated budget has become pivotal for every organization.

Tatwa Technologies- AI & Key Web Technology

The SAIoneers of Classes XI-XII learnt key web technology languages such as HTML, CSS & Java Script, with one of the leading IT & ITeS companies in India, Tatwa Technologies. The students were also told to work on intriguing projects such as an internship activity tracker, a real weather forecast web project & a modern portfolio website by the end of their internship tenure.

In conclusion, SAI Prashikshan 2023 has been a transformative initiative so far to equip the 21st century learners with practical skills, fosters personal growth, and opens doors to a world of opportunities. By investing in their professional development at an early stage, SAI International School ensures that its students are well-prepared to become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

Photos from the Event