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by SAI Admin

04 December, 2018

“Where there is unity there is victory” is a devotional quote attributed to a later philosopher and to writer publics who lived award 85bc is civilization syrus. Human history is full of such examples, where people have come together towards a common goal they have overcome huge obstacles to achieve invincible goals.

Now, why do we say unity is important? The measure being the fact that unity always increases individuals strengths and masks individual witnesses. The British easily under our nation for more than two hundred years with their policy of divide and mule. Its our country was divided its many small kindness with their rulers fighting amongst each other, the British continued to rules us.

 It was under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, we here united as a nation of non-violence and ultimately  achieved the freedom of our country. Today our nation can be a unique example of unity and diversity. Because inspite of our differences in languages, caste, religion and colour, we stand together as Indian we are a forced to reckon with.

The importance of unity is very evident is games and sports. In games like football we have after seen of heat individuals fail when not supported by a committed team. But ordinary players exel when they plan and play together as a team. Ever in the animals kingdom one notices the importance of unity. In  everyday tasks either hunting or surviving one – self from the hunter.

Therefore it is an ete real truth that there is velocity is unity and it would not be an exaggeration to say that united we stand and divided we fall.