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by SAI Admin

25 January, 2019

“United we stand, divided we fall” has always stood the test of time and is the key to success. This phase means that when people work as a team with one common goal it always results in victory. We should always be united. We should never underestimate anyone. Some are good at studies while some are good at playing. Everyone has at least one god gifted quality. If such qualities are combined, even the impossible can be turned into possible.

When players play matches they don’t fight with each other . Instead   they stay united which helps them gain victory. For example there was a knockout match held between Belgium and Japan. Japan had scored two goals. Only 15 minutes were left with Belgium as the time was ticking. They did not lose hope they stayed united. They were able to score three goals in the right time. It was one of the most dramatic ending in football ever. Unity brings trust, talent brings confidence, intelligence bring ideas which always lead to success.

By: Kaustav Mohanty