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by SAI Admin

20 November, 2018

This is about one of the most beautiful creations of Mother Nature…the Trees. They are a gift to us which shall be admired and acknowledged by one & all. This amazingly precious work of Mother Nature provides us with very important & valuable products. Moreover, trees cure many diseases, provide us with shelter, food, water & most importantly clean & fresh air which is Oxygen.

But, gradually, there have been huge amounts of clearance of forests to meet the increasing demands of the ever growing population, which has led us into the evil & vicious cycle of disasters & destruction.

The warning bells have long been ringing & as there has been little or negligible response over protection of trees & forest covers, we have been at the receiving end of not only diseases but vide spread pollution, ecological unbalance & resultantly severe damage to life & property.

Thus I conclude by urging one & all that we should protect our environment and trees as they are our sole saviours.

By: Archeet  Sahoo, Class-VIII