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by SAI Admin

26 June, 2018

Through the greenery she walked,

Between the flora she was locked.

Tall and short, wide and narrow,

Some dancing with joy and some standing in sorrow.

She stood silent as the roars resonated,

The aromas coming made her delighted.

Colourful petals and freshness around,

Peaceful atmosphere was the best thing she found.

Birds chirping in trees and the tune coming from them,

The joy she felt was more precious than a gem.

Many animals around but non harmful,

They all were friendly and very cheerful.

Big and small, cute and wild,

She didn’t get scared despite being a child.

Then about her new friends she thought,

How from numerous poachers they fought.

Even the trees were endangered,

She only had some hope that they don’t get denatured.

As our friends are in the mouth of death,

Lets keep this in our mind at least for ourselves,

All for one and one for all,

Save diversity or our future may fall.