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by SAI Admin

18 January, 2018

In the midnight,

Along with the moonlight,

I was walking down the street with fear,

As I thought an evil would eat me up and tear,

With sweat of fear on my face,

I passed every pace,

With the nights getting darker,

My thoughts getting scarier,

Then something made me stop,

I thought it was nothing but a cop,

But I was absolutely wrong,

For it was a woman who was tall,

She hid her face and I only saw her hair,

And her hands were really fair,

She then started walking down,

And I followed her down into the peaceful town,

But after sometime she turned left into the forest,

And then I realized I was lost and I got tensed,

She then started running,

Perhaps she saw me and thought I was cunning

But she could not run and fell down while the race,

And I could see just a paper white face,

It had no eyes,nose or lips,

Still I could hear her giving me tips,

She gave a scary smile as if she had a mouth,

I could not bear the fear and gave a loud shout,

She then got up and came near,

I was all sweating with fear,

And suddenly she made a wrinkled white face,

And disappeared without any trace,

I could do nothing but only stare,

As I watched her vanish in the thick air.