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by SAI Admin

23 July, 2018

Once upon a time there lived a demon named Brahmasur. The demon, a devotee of Lord Vishnu decided to pray to him as his ardent desire was to receive blessings from the great lord. Finally, after years of deep rumination, Lord Vishnu appeared before him and asked him to make a wish. Brahmasur said that he wanted a power that could turn everyone into ashes by merely touching them. So, the benevolent Lord granted his wish. Now the Brahmasur wanted to test the newly found power on Lord Vishnu. The mighty Lord got scared and started to run to save his life. In the middle of the pursuit, Brahmasur came across a beautiful girl named Mayavati. Awestruck by her beauty, the demon wished to marry her. But, Mayavati said that she was sure he would leave her, just like her previous husbands. When Brahmasur said he would never leave her, she asked him to take the oath by touching himself. The demon touched his throat and uttered that he would never leave her. Scarcely had he spoken the words and touched his throat when he turned into ashes. Lord Vishnu thanked Mayavati profusely for saving his life and thought to himself that one should think before they leap.