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by SAI Admin

10 March, 2016


It is rightly said that God the Almighty created somebody to take care, to love, to bless and that somebody we lovingly call Maa, Mama, Mamuni, Mummy and so on, as He felt He cannot be there for His creations everywhere, all the time.

Mother is the most important person in our lives, who has not only created us but also nurtured us throughout our life’s roller coaster journey, physically, emotionally and mentally, to help us become a better human being in totality. Mother is the person who helps and guides us to follow the right path to do right things in life. She is the first teacher, best friend for the entire life who teaches us at every step to be disciplined, to be well-behaved and make us understand about our roles and responsibilities towards family, society, country and for the whole mankind.

In tough situations when someone badly falls, when the heart is full of despair, when the whole world seems to be against you, she is the most likely one, who shall be there with her unconditional love that gives a glimpse of hope to fight and rise again. Many times it seems like mother yells and hence she hates. But deep down it is the fear of her within and this is also an extension of her love as a mother. She only wants the best for her children because she has been through the situations before in her live and she just wants to save her children from making the same mistakes and get the hurt, humiliation and distress.

One thing a lot of us forget to do is tell their mothers how thankful they are for everything they do and how much they love them. Everyone in the world sets aside one day to do what we should do every single day, i.e. tell our moms that we love them and that will never change throughout their lives. That day is celebrated as Mother’s Day. On this day we celebrate the achievements and efforts of all mothers and mother like figures.

To conclude mother has a selfless soul and a kind heart filled with lots of love and care. She is the women with strong will power in a person’s life who prepare us to face tough challenges of life and who has the inbuilt power to inspire a person to face tough challenges and achieve success by overcoming difficulties. She is the only person who really understands her children in totality and whose teachings has the biggest influence in their lives and always has proved to be the best teacher and whose words are the most precious and valuable things that one can preserve all through one’s life.