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by SAI Admin

26 March, 2016


Fortunate is one who has a mother, and much more fortunate is one who has an understanding and big-hearted mother. It is really “heaven upon the earth” to savour the empathy and love of one’s mother. No relationship on earth is so passionate, so deep-seated, so sincere and so genuine as one existing between a mother and her child. It is based on the highest and the most unselfish form of love. A country can never be great in the generations to come without great mothers.

Mothers are those highly responsible women who strain every nerve to ensure a brilliant and dazzling future for their wards. She makes every effort to make her child happy and exerts herself physically to the greatest possible extent to feed her child. Mother-child relationship, being exclusively one, cannot stand comparison with any other relationship. It is in fact, unique and incomparable.

There is no self-seeking or opportunism in a mother’s heart. Starting from human beings to birds and animals, all mothers take at most care to feed and bring up their offspring. We often see how a mother-bird’s arrival in the nest stirs her young ones. This is true of human beings too. A small child can stay away from her father, but not from her mother. Even mothers are themselves unable to say why they love their children so much. The only answer to this question lies in the fact that as it is the property of a bud to bloom into a flower, as it is the property of the sweet smell of a flower to attract honey-bees, so also does a mother possess tender love for her children.

It is said that woman is the most beautiful creation of God. It is equally right to say a mother is the most noteworthy and unequalled creation of God. God‘s creation in any form owes its very origin to a mother. In Christianity it is Eve. In Hinduism it is Adishakti. It is impossible to think of life on earth without mothers.

Unfortunately modern men have little concern for mothers. With the rise in nuclear families, gone are the days when old mothers used to be held in high esteem. We children grow up into young men and women and migrate to foreign countries, leaving our old mothers behind in old-age homes. They think of us every moment but we are immersed in the thoughts of money-making every moment. We have to come out of the cocoon of materialism and serve our mothers who brought us into this beautiful world. Summing up, we can say that without mother’s love life is full of misery. One’s mother is ones best friend, best philosopher and a best guide.