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by SAI Admin

22 May, 2018

An orientation for teachers from Class IV to VIII was organised on the topic workplace etiquette. Through interesting practical examples, Principal Shri Harish Sanduja spoke about SAI culture and work etiquette. The training centered on how teachers need to behave in school, with colleagues and students. It focused on a wide range of aspects like body language, good behaviour, dress code, way of communicating over phone, through email, in person as well as communicating in social media.

Shri Sanduja stressed that it’s very important that teachers need to behave in the manner they want their students to behave, as their behaviour and mannerism has a great impact on the students. He also outlined the importance of addressing students politely and creating a positive classroom environment. He highlighted certain words and gestures which teachers need to use while they are with children.

He also gave valuable tips on making a point to wish everyone a cheery good morning with a smile irrespective of who the person is, never be reluctant to use the words, please, thank you or sorry and also on the importance of being punctual and disciplined. He also stressed upon teachers eating etiquette like not to make group and sit etc.