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by SAI Admin

27 March, 2019

Ms. Maddie Hobbs and Mr. Kristian Rouse, teachers from Churchdown Village Infant School (CVIS), Gloucester, UK, visited SAI Angan from March 19-22, 2019, as part of the Global School Partnership programme.  During their four-day stay, the teachers participated on International School Award (ISA) activities and International Collaborative Projects (ICP) along with learning and sharing of best teaching practices.

The activities commenced with a project called “Folklore” in which students from both schools learnt about the rich cultural history of different countries related to the folktale. The second project was on “Amazing Animals” where students got to learn about different domestic and wild animals of UK and India. It was followed by a project called “Birds of a Feather”, where important facts about the birds of India and UK were exchanged which includes wing span, claws and even beak sizes. This project also included a craft activity making the national bird of both UK and India. Information on three birds of each country was also shared. The last project was “Educational Trips” in which the visiting teachers went along with the students to visit the Regional Museum of Natural History.

The guests from United Kingdom also participated in International Women’s Day both at SAI International School and SAI International Residential School (SIRS) as part of the special assembly. Ms.Hobbs shared her words of wisdom with the students. They took part in the project called “Mind Your Money” at SIRS presenting information in British Currency and learning about the history of the Indian Rupee.

The team also made time to explore the rich heritage of Odisha and visited places of interest like Dhauli Peace Pagoda, the Konark Temple, the pristine beach of Chandrabhaga and the village of applique handicrafts, Pipli.

The projects are a continuation of the ISA that was conferred by the British Council on SAI Angan in December 2018 and part of SAI Angan’s Teacher Exchange Programme that regularly sends and host teachers from both the schools annually. This exchange programme gives an opportunity to share the best teaching practices and help maintain a healthy culture exchange between the schools. The visit will be reciprocated by teachers of SAI Angan visiting CVIS in June this year, taking forward the nine years of partnership.

Photos from the Event