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by SAI Admin

29 December, 2018

“Without music, life is a journey through a desert”. – Pat Conroy

Music is an important component for the all-rounded development of a child. It stimulates brain development, makes a child disciplined, creates a focussed learning atmosphere, builds imagination and intellectual interest, improves self-confidence and is also a great way to relieve stress. Various researches suggest that music has a profound impact on the academic development of a child as it increases vocabulary, give insight on a variety of cultures, enhances critical thinking etc.

SAI International School houses a brilliant Symphony Club which has created a niche for itself not only in the School but also in the outside world. The Symphony students have performed in innumerable events like the Annual Function at NISER, Make in Odisha Conclave, Sai Centenary Celebration at Swosti Convention Hall etc.

To encourage them further and instil in them the essence of teamwork and creativity, Club performances are held regularly which is designed solely by the students. The members of the Junior Symphony Club brilliantly performed a vocal and instrumental ensemble during the Assembly performance held on Thursday, December 13, 2018. The vibrant musicians displayed an elaborate musical composition creating a perfect synchronisation with the parley of musical instruments. The mellifluous singing by the vocalist created a pleasant ambience. The classical repertoire was extremely impressive and depicted the creative potential, artistic skills and ingenuity of the young musicians. Students also gave a power point presentation on Symphony club and its importance, highlighting their performance in various important venues.

The Class IX and X members of the Symphony Club gave an impressive performance during their Club presentation on Wednesday, December 19, 2018. It was an amalgamation of some of the renowned folk songs of the Country which was wonderfully crafted with euphonious synchronisation of varied instruments. The vocalist did a brilliant job in embedding the folk tune in their singing style.

Students also get various opportunities to display their talent at School. During SAI Confluence and SAI Olympics they get to perform in from of thousands of people which help them to hone their skill and gain confidence.

Photos from the Event