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by SAI Admin

18 May, 2020

Family is not an important thing, it is everything.” – Michael J. Fox

SAI International School conducted an online story chain activity on International Family Day to succour a rostrum, for our SAI International family, enabling them to bask in the brilliance of family ties. It was themed around internationalism, democracy, environment, adventure, leadership and service, to inculcate the ideals of Round Square. The amazing activity reflected great joy and ebullience as family members jubilantly and creatively presented the stories.

While SAIoneers of Pre Primary and their family took us on a jungle tour through fabulous set ups and superb narration, the family members of our SAIoneers from Class I to III, enchanted us with wondrous narration with props, charts and action on the topic ‘the day I learnt to fly’. Even though students are in lockdown they can still go on adventures in their imagination.

SAIoneers of Class IV and V and their family members delighted us on the theme’ ‘If I ran a country’, making students think about their roles and responsibilities as a leader. The family of Class VI students took us on an adventure journey and the family of Class VII, touched our hearts on their take on empathy. Class VIII threw light on the situation, 20 years from now, Class IX presented their story on online classes during 21st century and Class X shared stories on life during lockdown period.

The Higher Secondary students of all the three streams, Science, Humanities and Commerce, presented stories on the theme, ‘Grand mom’s tales and talk revisited’. Some spoke about stories passed down generations in their family, some shared their favourite bedtime stories told by their grandmother and some recalled instances from the bygone pages of their life which strengthened their family bonding. It was heart touching to hear both the students and family members share their experiences on how they learnt different values from their parents and grandparents, which are their priceless possession.

The day revived some pleasant memories and brought each other closer as we celebrated our happiness together. It was indeed a day to cherish and will be embedded in the annals of peerless memories.

This year, SAI International School became a Round Square Global Member School. In January last year, the School was honoured to receive the prestigious affiliation from Round Square, USA. SAI is the only school from Eastern India to become a Round Square Candidate School. The Membership brings opportunities for students of SAI International School to develop global competence, character and understanding, through real-life meaningful activities. As a Round Square Candidate School, SAI International School has effectively incorporated the six ideals of Round Square in the curriculum.

Photos from the Event