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by SAI Admin

26 February, 2018

Paris, an enchanting place in France was, is and will be the fashion capital of the world. In this huge place Paris lived a small girl Liana, whose dream was to be the greatest fashion designer of France but what stopped her was the financial crisis faced by her family, still she worked hard and won a scholarship to the best Designing University of Paris called “Self Design”. In the university she studied very well and was very popular amongst the teachers but among the students she was considered as a nerd. Despite of these criticisms she found her two best friends amongst the students they were two sisters named Kylie and Jenner. They both tried to convinced her that she didn’t had to be popular to be the best but still with those with those bitter comments on her, it was difficult for her to concentrate on studies and so her studies were destroyed due to those harsh comments and then she finally decided to become popular after observing the popular people. After weeks of observation she found that all popular people are unsecure within them but from outside they try to show that they don’t care about anything and so they are careless, happy and cool people and so she started behaving like but this didn’t bought her popularity. Due to these things she began to go under depression and so to pull her out from her depression her friends Kylie and Jenner took her to their favourite store for fashion designers called “Fashion Fairytale”. They shopped for a long time but nothing impressed Liana. Her friends bought some notepads and pens, when they came to the billing counter, the accountant seemed very friendly and while she was billing, she was constantly staring at Liana and then when the billing was done she gave a beautiful pen with something carved on it to Liana as a free gift from her side, Liana tried to not to take it but the accountant was so stubborn that she had to take it. The pen was tremendously beautiful with some warnings carved on it they were:

  • If you write with this pen you will get whatever you need .
  • Use the pen for what you need otherwise the magic will react back.
  • This pen’s ink will get finished after giving you what you really need.

She tried to test the pen’s magical property and so she wrote she needs some food which was actually what she needed because she was really hungry and as soon as she wrote it a table complete with lots of delicious food appeared in front of her. Till many days she had fun with this pen but as soon as she asked to be popular she realized this was what she really needed and so she understood that her pen’s ink will soon get over so, she asked for another magic pen but she didn’t needed another pen so the magic reacted and she became popular in a bad way and so she got popular as a thief. Everyone criticised her and then she realised that just because of her greed for popularity made her so bad and then she remembered what her friends had tried to convince her for now she really understood it and as soon as she understood that she didn’t needed a magic pen to be amazing and popular, she just needed to be herself and as soon as she understood it the magic’s effect disappeared and again she became an unknown girl. From that day onwards she tried to be herself and soon she became popular without the help of any magic. She understood what she really needed, she needed to be dependent on herself and not on magic, and she needed to be self dependent not magic dependent.