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by SAI Admin

30 November, 2017

I woke up with a dream.  Our school van did not arrive. The driver called my mother and said, “Van cannot come, no petrol in any filling station at Bhubaneswar.” I woke up. Can it so happen in reality? Our lives will all come to a standstill. Life without fuel, just unimaginable!!

Fuel is one of the most important factors determining the technological and economic development of a country. Its availability and usage depends completely on the demand of it by the citizens. We are all aware how important it is to conserve these resources and the alarming rate at which it is decreasing. Automobiles and cooking consume a most.  But we cannot entirely stop that. Industries cannot run without fuel. Flights cannot take off.  I can go on endlessly.  But consumption to such great extent will lead us all towards catastrophe.

Upon retrospection, if each one of us takes little steps much crisis can be evaded. We must first understand the crisis that lies ahead of us because of uncontrolled use of fuel. What would we gain by conserving fuel? Well we are saving it for us and for our future generations. If we use up all the fuel now itself then we will have no fuel thirty years later. But if we start saving now and start using a lesser amount of fuel than we usually do we will definitely have a considerable amount to use even after thirty years. We must save them so that our future generation doesn’t have to face problems due to lack of fuel. Havingfuel reserves in a country is a big asset for it. Steps like carpooling, walking down small distances are small steps.  Battery operated vehicles are slowly becoming popular. They will also help save fuel.

 Using solar energy and wind energy are big steps. Household cooking and rest of the energy needed for running the appliances inside the house can be generated by installing solar systems at the top.  Indian Government had started with Gobar Gas project in several villages. Production of energy from cow dung is an indigenous way of energy production in India.

 Only a group of people should take small step to set up the plant in their village. Solar energy generated vehicles can be a solution too. Though it is not very popular, but no doubt, a solution. Wind energy can electrify a whole village.  We need huge investment in terms of machines and land and government approval for it.  But the consumption of fuel will be reduced to a great extent.

Such small steps can help us preserve energy.  In our own little way we can do what we can to save fuel.  Drop by drop will make a big pool.


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