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by SAI Admin

12 October, 2018

“Chess is a very logical game and it is the man who can reason most logically and profoundly in it that ought to win.” – Jose Capablanca

Playing Chess from an early age helps children to enhance their memory, leading to an improved concentration and academic performance. It also helps children to learn the importance of foresight and planning. Chess is a game that results in transforming a child into a responsible, disciplined, and wise human being.

Students of SAI International School have displayed excellent skill in playing Chess, thereby winning laurels in various state and national level tournaments. Recently a team of students participated in the CBSE Far East Zone Chess Championship, 2018, U-17 category, held at Kamrup, Assam from Oct 5 to 7, 2018.

The team of students, Ankita Sahoo, Suhana Jena, Sanchee Sahoo and Rhea Mohapatra displayed excellent skill in the battle of the minds and won the 2nd position. They now qualify for the CBSE National Chess Tournament to be held at Gwalior from November 1, 2018.

Becoming a Chess Champion needs investing quality time in training and preparation as well as keeping the passion for the game alive. A good chess player needs to be ambitious, have a fighting spirit, a strong character, have confidence and an ability to focus and adapt.

Photos from the Event