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by SAI Admin

11 May, 2020

“Learning how to edit movies was a real breakthrough”. –  Peter Jackson

The Club Members of SAI TV made optimal use of the lockdown, learning about creating short movies during their club classes. From learning how to download editing software to writing scripts to identifying locations to taking videos to editing and preparing beautiful videos, the enthusiastic members left no stones unturned to showcase their creativity. 

They were also guided on creating videos with meaningful social messages. The new members leaned about the aim and purpose of SAI TV. To make it more interactive and interesting students were asked to share their favourite hobby and basing on that create meaningful videos. They also learnt how to edit in cell phones. Some of the assignment given was create videos on Love for Nature and Dos and don’ts during lockdown. 

Students were also briefed on the importance and technics of anchoring, voice over, voice modulation and how to take interviews. They were motivated to enhance their creativity and make the learning joyful.

Photos from the Event