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Compassion stands as the ultimate and most profound manifestation of emotional maturity. It is through the channel of compassion that an individual attains the zenith of personal growth and delves into the most profound depths of self-actualization. Undoubtedly, it serves as the cornerstone of all moral principles. At SAI International School, we embrace the notion of instilling in our students a heightened sensitivity from an early age, nurturing them into beings characterized by empathy and compassion. Our conviction lies in guiding them to independently recognize that the profound affection for a fellow human constitutes the paramount virtue.

In this context, SAI International School has proactively and assiduously undertaken the mantle of Community Service initiatives. These initiatives serve as distinctive avenues where students consciously choose to contribute towards a more refined society and a cleaner environment. Corporate social responsibility finds its embodiment in the altruistic endeavors of businesses towards societal advancement through both their operational endeavors and social investments.

In the pursuit of our Community Service Initiatives, our students have actively participated in a multitude of community development undertakings. Since 2010, SAI International has observed the International Day of Service, thereby embodying the principle that effecting positive change in the life of another holds a place of utmost significance within our institution.

SAI International School has orchestrated a diverse array of Community Service projects, including but not limited to:


A Day of Compassion 

Going Global undertook a heartwarming visit to Utkalmani Gopabandhu Old Age Home. Their acts of service brought joy, comfort, and fostered empathy among SAIoneers. Interactive engagement, thoughtful gifts, and heartfelt conversations left a lasting impact on volunteers and residents, forging a strong sense of community.


Cherished Memories and Thoughtful Gifts
Volunteers crafted a memorable day with considerate gifts. Bhagavad Gita copies enriched spiritual journeys, canes symbolized care, and Caravan music systems evoked nostalgia through evergreen songs, fostering an atmosphere of joy and happiness among residents.

Instilling Compassion and Sense of Community
Acts of Service at Utkalmani Gopabandhu Old Age Home imprinted lasting impressions on volunteers and residents. Engaging with the elderly, SAIoneers nurtured deep compassion and empathy. Witnessing their kindness' effect, they grasped community's significance, transcending age and background barriers to foster unity and support.

Reflections: Lessons Learned and Personal Growth

The old age home visit bestowed invaluable lessons and personal growth chances upon Going Global members. They discovered the potency of modest acts of benevolence and their life-altering impact. This encounter heightened their grasp of empathy, compassion, and community bonds' importance. Forever treasured, the connections forged serve as enduring reminders of their potential for positive influence.


Interact Club's Heartwarming Children's Day with Asha Kiran Orphanage

To celebrate Children's Day on November 14, 2022, SAI International's Interact Club hosted 21 girls from Asha Kiran Orphanage. The day featured vibrant attires, engaging activities, a school tour, and heartfelt gifts from the students' wish lists. The club collaborated with teachers to gather two months' worth of ration for the orphanage and provided educational materials. This initiative instilled empathy and community engagement in the Interact Club members, reinforcing the lesson that giving yields personal fulfilment. The event radiated warmth, fostering compassion and a sense of accomplishment among SAIoneers, highlighting the reciprocal nature of giving.


Through engaging activities, thoughtful gifts, and collaborative efforts to support the orphanage, the students of SAI International  gained a deeper understanding of community involvement and the positive impact of their actions. This experience left the participants with a sense of fulfilment and a realization that giving back brings personal growth and a sense of accomplishment.

Interact Club SAIoneers Visit Pratibha Orphanage

Interact is a club for youngsters who want to connect with others in their community or school. It helps to recognize & develop constructive leadership & personal integrity by encouraging & practising thoughtfulness & helpfulness to others. Class XI SAIoneers of the Interact Club went on a visit to Pratibha an Orphanage near Dumduma, Bhubaneswar on July 26, 2022. The orphanage comprised 35 inmates whose faces lit up with joy and mirth when they saw our SAIoneers visit them. The students and teachers of SAI International contributed study kits, encyclopaedias, biscuits, cup cakes & various board games such as ludo, chess and carrom.

The inmates sang a soulful song for our SAIoneers & grooved joyously while showcasing a high voltage dance performance. The students along with the inmates proactively participated in various engaging activities, had heart-to-heart conversations about each other’s hobbies & aspirations, and painted ingenious pieces of artwork together.

As a whole, this whole session was a ‘shower of warmth’ and filled the SAIoneers with compassion and they experienced a feeling of self-actualization by contributing towards making a small change in their communities. The prominent take away from this visit for the students was that in giving we always receive!!!!

A Humble offering by SAI International towards Flood Relief

In support of flood relief efforts in Northern Odisha, SAI International contributed essential supplies such as Sanitary Pads, Candles, Matchbox, Mosquito Repellent, Biscuits, Chhatua Powder, Sugar, and Chuda Mixture. With nearly a million lives affected, the school's contribution aimed to provide crucial necessities to those in flooded regions. The donated items underwent thorough sanitation and sealing before distribution, showcasing SAI International's commitment to aiding the affected communities.


Instilling empathy in the students.


The Big Green Bang- Seed Bombing 

SAI International, in conjunction with the Rotary Club, orchestrated a noteworthy event titled "The Big Green Bang - Seed Bombing" on the 28th of October, 2021. This event, a virtual workshop dedicated to climate action, was spearheaded by the school's environmentally conscious Eco-Club known as "The Planeteers." The occasion extended its reach by inviting the participation of 17 Round Square Schools and Interact Clubs hailing from six different nations.

With a deliberate emphasis on the Round Square IDEALS, particularly placing significance on the "E" which symbolizes Environmentalism, the event revolved around the pivotal themes of climate action, the reduction of carbon footprints, and the innovative technique of aerial reforestation through the method of Seed Bombing. A truly international assemblage of 300 enthusiastic participants convened to partake in this event, serving as a compelling testament to the potency of collaborative efforts amongst the youth in their resolute endeavor to confront and conquer the pressing challenges posed by our environment.


Students gain environmental awareness, collaborative skills, and leadership through "The Big Green Bang - Seed Bombing." They learn climate action, problem-solving, and cross-cultural communication with peers from 17 schools globally. This event fosters empowerment for change and application of Round Square IDEALS, encouraging proactive conservation efforts.

Plantation Drive 

SAI International School conducted a Tree Plantation activity in collaboration with the Rotary Club on Thursday,2 September, 2021. The activity was held on the campus of the school. The students participated in the drive enthusiastically and helped each other in planting the saplings. All the saplings were planted in the school ground by students. The students along with the teachers also planted the saplings, and discussed about plant more and more trees and encourage others to do the same. Some of the students also shared their previous experiences and shared their joy with others present. The drive was a great success, enriching students with adequate knowledge of environment and plants.


The main aim of the drive was to direct student’s mind in being involved in constructive activities that present positive outcome through the facilitation the betterment of society. 

Service in Action Symposium

AI International School conducted a virtual Service in Action Symposium on May 6 2021.The event had 46 schools joining us from 11 countries. We had a detailed discussion on Volunteering by keynote speaker Shri Sujit Mohapatra, Founder Bakul Foundation, India joining us on the forum. Challenging all normal perspectives of what community service looked like in the past, forcing students to think of new and creative acts of service that can be done via the virtual mode. This month-long event is in commemoration of ‘The International Day of Service’, globally recognized and celebrated annually on May 7.


 Service work can be done individually or in collaboration with a group of people with the goal of benefiting others.

High on Hygiene 

On May 3, 2021, SAI International commemorated the Day of Service, where the Going Global and Interact Clubs embraced innovative approaches due to the pandemic's challenges. Undeterred, SAIoneers orchestrated a virtual donation drive, "High on Hygiene," combating COVID-19's impact. Over three weeks, via social media, they rallied support, amassing unused masks, sanitizers, and sanitary napkins for the less privileged and frontline workers. People donated funds to acquire masks, totaling 1,000 cloth and medical masks, 50 sanitizer bottles, and 40 sanitary pad packs. The donations were disbursed to local police, vegetable market vendors, BMC Safai Karamcharis, and neighboring slums, showcasing resilient community engagement.


Engaging in the "High on Hygiene" donation drive, students learn resilience, adaptability, and empathy in addressing community needs during a pandemic. They develop organizational skills, utilize virtual platforms for social impact, and comprehend the significance of collective efforts in supporting the vulnerable and frontline workers.


Saluting Odisha Police– As a token of appreciation and gratitude to the Odisha Police for their relentless effort to ensure the safety of the people, SAI International distributed 500 food packets on Monday, March 30, 2020 to the Police personnel stationed in and around areas KIIT Square, Patia Square, Acharya Vihar Square, Vani Vihar Square, Sainik School Square, Kalinga Hospital Square as well as in Infocity and Chandrasekharpur Police Stations.

Felicitating the Safai Sevaks– To acknowledge and appreciate the commendable work of the Safai Sevaks during COVID 19 pandemic, SAI International felicitated the front line workers on Saturday, April 25, 2020. SAI International family feels privileged to have gifted a towel each, along with dry food items like flattened rice, sugar, semolina, biscuits and soap to more than 70 Safai Sevaks of Ward No 6.

International Day of Service observed– From the confines of their own homes, SAIoneers joined hands to observe the International Day of Service with great enthusiasm on Thursday, May 7, 2020. Like every year, the Members of the Interact and Going Global Club rolled up their sleeves to serve the needy. The pandemic and the lockdown did not deter their spirit and they stepped forward in reaching out to the most vulnerable species – stray dogs, cats, goats, cows and birds. Each student pledged to feed one meal for one week to stray animals during the lockdown.

Humble Offering by SAI International– SAI International distributed food packets in nearby slum areas on Tuesday, May 19, 2020, owing to anticipated cyclone Amphan, amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The representatives of SAI International also counselled the slum dwellers on the importance of adhering to the safety measures as mandated by the Government. They demonstrated the right way of using the mask, on hand washing and using sanitizers.
Basic dry food items like rice, flour, pulses, biscuits, sugar, salt along with soap was gifted to people living in the slums of Bhubaneswar like Nageswar Basti I & II-Sishu Vihar, Jagannath Ambatota Basti, Co-operative Colony, Bagicha Colony and Co-operative Housing Colony-Sailashree Vihar, Chandrasekharpur and Japani Sahoo Colony- Pragati Vihar.
Most of the people residing in slum areas are either daily wage labourers, street vendors or domestic helps. The lockdown has drastically affected their income leading to dampened spirits and an unsure future. Adding to their woes, the news of the impending Cyclone Amhan, revived the bitter memories of Cyclone Fani which created havoc during May last year. The SAI International Representatives boosted the morale of the slum dwellers by inspiring them to think positively and be each other’s support during this crucial time.


SAIoneers joins the Nation to propagate the ideals of Gandhiji– To commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and show solidarity towards the Nation for ‘Swachh Bharat’, around 1200 students of SAI International School and SAI International Residential School (SIRS) joined students from various Schools of Bhubaneswar to form a 4km-Human Chain on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. It aimed to spread the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi among the public. The event was organised by the Department of State Information and Public Relations Department and the Odia Language, literature and Culture.

Celebrating Daan Utsav– The Joy of Giving Week was celebrated by spending quality time with the inmates of Swami Bichitrananda Kalyan Ashram, Cuttack on Friday, October 4, 2019. Students danced and sang together as well as shared some pleasant experiences. SAIoneers gifted the inmates a pouch each called ‘Apna Thaili’, to store their souvenirs. They were briefed on the importance of cleanliness and presented with a towel and some stationery.

Cultivating Kindness– SAIoneers had a wonderful time interacting with the inmates of Ashraya, an organisation for the care and protection of destitute and orphan children on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. It was a day to commemorate the birthday of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha, Shri Naveen Patnaik, who urged the people of the state to spend quality time with orphans and differently-abled children on his birthday. The SAIoneers served them lunch with great care and spent some valuable time chitchatting on diversified areas.

Escorting Special children to Kala Bhoomi– Forty students of Shri Harsha Memorial School for Deaf (SHMSD) were escorted to visit Kala Bhoomi on Thursday, July 25, 2019.The Special students were given a guided tour to explore the rich heritage of the state in the famous craft’s museum of Odisha.

100 Library Project– As part of the ‘100 Library Project’ of SAI International School, SAIoneers gifted a library, consisting of an Almirah and valuable books to the ‘Anathashrama Government Primary School’ Cuttack and Naranpur Upper Primary School, Trishulia. They also spoke about the significance of book reading and inspired the students to inculcate the habit at an earliest.

Swasthya Suraksha – SAIoneers have always lent their support for the under privileged through their acts and deeds. This year, a group of students held an awareness session individually for the boys and girls at Shri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf. While the girls learnt about personal and menstrual hygiene, the boys were briefed about personal hygiene and cleanliness. The young SAIoneers from classes X to XII briefed the students of SHMSD through charts, PPT’s and videos. The teachers of SAI International School and SAI Angan donated sanitary napkins to the students of SHMSD.

The Organic Farm – SAIoneers transformed an unused land in front of the Girl’s Hostel of SHMSD into a Kitchen Garden. They cleaned the area and planted selected plants like Banana, Papaya, Bitter gourd, Pumpkin etc which would supplement their kitchen needs. The young students also taught the inmates of SHMSD on how to maintain the garden.

Walls of Vibrance – The young students of SAI International School painted the walls of SHMSD to pep up the mood of the students and teachers. The fresh coat indeed was a welcome move which was appreciated by the entire school, especially the Boys who spent their entire day and night within those four walls.

Fani-A Humble Offering – To lend support to the people affected by cyclone ‘Fani’, students and staff of SAI International came together to make a humble offering.

An amount of Rs. Five lakhs was contributed to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund on Thursday, May 16, 2019. The philanthropic students led by Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder & Chief Mentor, presented the cheque to Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik in the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO).

SAI International had also organised a community feeding initiative for the cyclone affected people of Chigrortola slum at Patia in Bhubaneswar. On an average, around 1000 people residing in the area were served with lunch, followed by clean drinking water through a community kitchen. The lunch programme continued on a daily basis till normalcy was restored in the area.

The enthusiastic students and staff of SAI International selflessly and whole heartedly served the people with great care and enthusiasm. The young SAIoneers were deeply touched by the plight of the slum dwellers. The inhabitants of the slum, especially the women and children expressed their happiness for the timely help.

Hariyali ki Aur – The week-long Van Mahotsav or the annual tree planting festival of India is celebrated every year by the young SAIoneers to create an awareness about the importance of tress and forests. Several activities were organized this year to commemorate the Van Mahotsav week 2019.

SAI International School in association with the Department of Forest and Environment, Government of Odisha, organized a Tree Plantation programme on Wednesday, July 17, 2019. On the occasion, Shri Kedar Kumar Swain, Divisional Forest Officer, Chandaka Wildlife Division spoke on the importance of Van Mahotsav and nature conservation to the students. As a step towards protecting the green cover, he distributed seedlings to the young students and urged them to join the Tree Plantation drive.
Students of Bharat Scouts and Guides as well as the NCC Cadets organised a Tree Plantation drive on Wednesday, July 3, 2019. They took the initiative to plant saplings near the School boundary, in the empty spaces left behind by the devastating cyclone Fani. The enthusiastic students actively participated in the programme with a mission to render their contribution to restore the eco-balance.

Students also inspired their peers through a well-scripted drama to spread awareness on the harmful effects of cutting down the trees. The strong message on the importance of tree plantations was also spread through songs and dances during the special assembly.

Sewa aur Sneh – The International Day of Service was celebrated at Missionaries of Charity, St. Mother Teresa’s Home by the Going Global Club of SAI International School on Monday, April 29, 2019. A small group of SAIoneers spent an enriching time interacting with the elderly residents of the Home, speaking, laughing, singing and even dancing.

It was a heart-warming occasion for both the young students and the elderly inmates, who with big smiles danced to their hearts content and also merrily sang the famous Odia song, ‘Rangabati’. Although the young students had a great time, yet they were sad to see the old, physically and mentally challenged inmates who were not cared for by the family members and who tried to find happiness in each other’s company. The students lauded the selfless effort of the Missionary Sisters who took great pains to ensure that the needs of the inmates are met.

International Day of Service is held every year to spread happiness among the less fortunate. The thrill of stepping out of the regular routine to help another human being is one every SAIoneer looks forward to.


Khusi – A group of 20 students of SAI International School along with two teacher coordinators visited Subhadra Mahtab Seva Sadan, a home for the orphans in Bhubaneswar, to observe the International Day of Service. They enthusiastically interacted with the 65 inmates who were between new borns to eighteen years of age. The inmates entertained the visitors with melodious songs and graceful dance performances, showcasing their talent as well as leaving the students teary eyed and touched. Some of the inmates also shared their dreams and aspirations with the SAI students.

The SAI students gifted 65 gift hampers consisting of note books, tiffin boxes, water bottles and pencil boxes with stationery, by means of fund raised in the school. They also gave cerelac, lactogen, roohafza, tang, biscuits, namkeen and fruits for the use of the inmates. It was a life changing experience for the students, who realized the importance of appreciating little things in life. They thanked the school for giving this opportunity of rendering selfless service to God’s children.

Nayi Gunj – Realizing the importance of the youth power and empower them by providing safe spaces to come together, engage in activities related to their diverse needs and interests, participate in decision making processes and freely express themselves, the United Nations (UN) declared the theme for 2018 International Youth Day as “Safe Spaces for Youth”.

To support UN theme and spread the message, SAI International School celebrated the day in an eloquent manner. Around sixty students from six different Clubs, Masks Club (theatre), Photography Club, SAI TV, Symphony Club (choir), Rhythmic Vibrations (dance), Global Club and Interact Club participated in the event. It was thoroughly planned and successfully implemented by the energetic students. Preparation started a week before the event to optimize the reach of message. Students designed the back drops, T-shirts and the badges to be used and started a media campaign on facebook and twitter. To spread the message to the general public, students performed skits, dances and live music in tune with the dynamic theme at Pal Heights on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

Saath-saath – As part of the celebration of Joy of Giving Week or Daan Utsav, twenty students and three Teacher-Coordinators of SAI International School visited ‘Vriddhi’, a vocational centre for Special Children on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

The inmates of Vriddhi are involved in soap making, which is a few months old Startup. To help them leverage their activity, students of SAI conducted a training session covering hygiene issues like use of latex gloves, hair nets, aprons etc. They also provided the organization with a Storage bucket, gloves, hairnets, aprons to help them maintain the hygiene level while making soaps. SAIoneers also learnt to make soaps, getting involved in the 5-step process of soap making, working hand in hand with the inmates of Vriddhi.

A small community library was also donated to the organisation under the 100 Library Project of SAI to help the new friends enhance their learning horizon. A story telling session was organised, songs were shared and all the children sang and danced to their heart’s content.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – A team of 162 students comprising of Scouts and Guides, National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadets, and students pursuing Physical Education (PE) undertook a trekking and Swachh Abhiyan on Monday, November 19, 2018.
The students along with teacher coordinators trekked to the Sikharchandi temple and cleaned the premises and nearby areas. It was a wonderful experience for the students as they rendered their contribution in spreading awareness about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by being an example.

The students of PE accompanied the Scouts, Guides and NCC cadets as part of their SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action) curriculum.


A Ray of Happiness – It was indeed a day to cherish for the SAIoneers whose very presence lit up the 20 odd wrinkled faces, brought in a gleam in their eyes and gave the inhabitants of Shree Krishna Anand Old Age Care, a reason to celebrate. The children had a meaningful and thought-provoking time interacting with the elderly people who gave valuable advices and shared their personal experiences. SAIoneers were overwhelmed by the unbounded love showered upon them by the affectionate people who have all crossed the age of seventy. To add on to their happiness, the students gifted cards and flowers to observe the International Day of Service which were graciously accepted by the senior citizens. They also joined the youngsters in singing some melodious tunes.

Ambassadors of Peace – To render their contribution in achieving the 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development Goal 16, on building peaceful, just and inclusive societies, students of SAI International School observed International Youth Day with the theme Youth4Peace. As peace and security is critical for sustainable development, SAI students posted inspiring messages on social media and connected with enthused youths to strengthen and widen their reach to spread awareness on the importance of peaceful society. This cohort of dynamic youngsters tried to inspire people through a power packed skit and a meaningful dance performance at Pal Heights.

Joy of Giving – The students of SAI International School celebrated ‘Daan Utsav’ or Joy of Giving Week by installing a library in the Bugin Ho Siksha Kendra at Godibari in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar on Friday, October 6, 2017. Enthusiastic students of SAI collected and arranged more the 500 books in Odia, English and Hindi in neat rows in closed steel racks. To develop a love for reading among the tribal students, a story reading session was held where the English version of the story ‘Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex’ was read, followed by a translation in Odia. The students of both schools had a wonderful time singing and dancing together.

Colour My World – During SAIMUN 2017 SAI students teamed up with the international delegates and painted Bugin Ho School located in a small village on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. The paint and painting supplies were donated by the school as part of the ongoing Community Service Initiatives of the school that inculcate moral values with a focus on teaming management and development of leadership qualities.

Representatives from 8 countries including Columbia, China, Russia, Sweden, Uganda, Nepal, and Algeria and of course India were present. They split into three groups assigning tasks accordingly. One group was in charge of removing the old paint and sanding down the walls so they can be painted. The second group painted the two small rooms of the school. The third group was responsible for the outside walls of the school and distributing the paint and supplies. It took four hours of hard work and cleanup but it was time well spent. The smiles on the faces of the Bugin Ho students was worth all our efforts. The job ended with a chocolate distribution to each child there along with a small snack.


Jagriti – To mark the occasion of International Youth Day and spread awareness on Anti-Discrimination, the students of Go Global and Interact Club started a campaign prior to the day, to bring to light and voice against the societal taboos and stigmas that inflict pain and sufferings in individual as well as society. Citing personal experiences, the students uploaded various photographs and videos giving out a strong message to free oneself from all the taboos and stigmas that impede growth. It has triggered tremendous response from the youth mass all over the globe, endorsing the cause. Through thematic skits, band performances and dances, the students attempted to sensitize the public on societal taboos and stigmas. The skits based on coping with acid attacks and discrimination about physical attributes like body shaming, gender, skin colour, physical appearance etc were highly appreciated by the onlookers. An interactive session with the public, who shared their opinions and experiences on the issue, was very moving. A poem based on the topic swayed in an emotional air. The band and dance performances by the dynamic students mesmerized the crowd.

Widening Horizons – SAI International School actively partners with various schools across the globe to enhance the quality of teaching and education. Being a mentor school, SAI International School believes that sharing best practices brings in a lot of benefits to the school as well as to the partner schools. Shri Harsha Mishra Memorial School for the Deaf, Bhubaneswar, is one of the schools mentored by SAI International School for enriching its quality of education. The deaf school buzzed with life when 16 students of Gombe Junior School and Mackay Memorial College, Uganda visited the school as part of their cultural exchange programme on Monday, August 1, 2016. The Ugandan teachers briefed the students about their flags and their culture. The Ugandan Schools are partner of SAI International School who encourages activities of such kind to light up people’s heart.

Atma Raksha – SAI has always rendered support towards the upliftment of special category of students, either through individual organizations or Govt organized events, as it gives our students a remarkable learning experience and develops empathy in them for their needy counterparts. To empower the tribal students from various parts of the state on self defense skills, SAI conducted a 3-day workshop on Karate training at the State tribal students’ festival, ‘Sargifula 2016’ organized by the SC/ST Department, Government of Odisha, from 20-22 December. SAI also conducted a Karate Session for the tribal students of Bugin Ho Siksha Kendra in which Karate masters taught them a few vital tricks on self-defense.

Spreading Joy – SAIoneers not only provide service to the community and to the marginalized by creating awareness or charity, but also spreads joy by spending quality time with them. This inculcates in them the human values of compassion, empathy, mutual respect and tolerance.

On the occasion of International Day of Service, 30 students of SAI International School along with two coordinators spent some quality time with the autistic children of OLS. SAIoneers created an art and craft photo booth which was highly enjoyed by them. The children had a wonderful time singing and dancing as well as making models out of dough. The laughter of the autistic children and the gleam in their eyes convinced us of undertaking similar activities in future. It gave the students an inner satisfaction by spending quality time and forging strong bonds with the autistic children.

Acts of Charity – Like every year, the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ was observed at SAI International School, where students and staffs donated school stationeries like pencil boxes, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, school bags and notebooks, over the week. The entire stationery was donated to the students of Bugin Ho Siksha Kendra, a tribal school at Godibari in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. On International Day of Service observed on Saturday, May 7, 2016, the students gifted T-Shirts, soft toys and a lot of learning materials to the students of Open Learning Systems (OLS). They also shared snack packs which were carefully and lovingly packed by the SAIoneers.


Pyari si Bhet– The students and teachers of SAI International School raised funds to buy a whole set of computer system backed with overhead projector, screen ,webcam and printer along with the required materials to educate the students of Shri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf, with the computer skills for their employability standards in future. CCTV cameras will be installed in the girls’ hostel. A whole range of Kitchen appliances to help them get better food is also arranged. The students also delivered lessons on Maths, History and Geography to the students of Sri Harsha and presented educational resources for the primary students as well. These unique gifts will help improve the infrastructure of the school bring it into the 21st century. New kitchen utensils will improve the health, hygiene and quality of the food prepared and served on a daily basis to the Deaf students. CCTV cameras will provide much needed security for the female students of the deaf school.

A Shower of Warmth – An all school drive was organized for new umbrellas and blankets on the occasion of Joy of Giving Week. Students of Interact Club and Going Global collected around 100 umbrellas, 50 blankets, 60 fancy wrist watches and donated to the slum students of Asha Ashwasan, Cuttack. It was an overwhelming experience for the SAI Students to share juice, biscuits and toffees with the students. The students of Asha Ashwasan showcased their talent by many dance performances and SAIoneers were equally happy to join them.

The World of Sound – SAI International School Bhubaneswar and Winterbourne International Academy, Bristol, UK collaborated to bring in a major change in the lives of 150 students and teachers of the Sri Harsha Mishra Memorial school for the deaf located in Patia. Both the International partner schools have been helping the school with children with hearing and speech impairment, for the last three years to help them get a better life and nurture their wishes and interests.

Happiness Unlimited – UNWIND is the school’s annual children’s day festival held on December 6 this year. SAI students reached out to 2 schools with special needs. UNWIND sponsored and hosted 45 students with full access allowing them to partake in all UNWIND festivities. Students from Sri Harsh Memorial School for the Deaf and Louis Braille School for the Blind were paired up with SICC, SAI Interact Club and SAI Going Global Club students. Bus were sent with student volunteers to collect our guest from each school. Our guest along with their student volunteer enjoyed endless hour of fun, food and frolic the SAI volunteers took our guest to each stall inviting them to join in all the games, edibles and entertainment the festival had to offer. This programme was truly in the spirit of friendship and inclusion.

Apeksha – May 7 was marked as an important day in the school calendar where our students (Going Global and Interact Clubs) rendered their selfless service to 30 students from Asha Ashwasan, Slum School of Buxi Bazaar, Cuttack and gifted to them a day of fun learning at SAI International School campus which extended to them the experience of being a SAIoneer, making them feel inclusive and cherished. The day began with a special assembly held at the Indraprastha Auditorium of the school where the students from Asha Ashwasan were given a platform to showcase their beautiful talent through a dance performance.

The students were involved in the ongoing Summer Fiesta at SAI where they indulged in fun and creative activities with the children of their age group. Interesting activities that energized the minds and bodies like yoga where they learnt asanas, swimming where they splashed in the waters to beat the summer heat, and aerobics were included to give the students a time of undiluted fun. To introduce these students to the most native sport of the country, we held a session of horse riding which was extremely energetic and fun. It was good to have the students ride on the royal animal and feel elated.

Along with this, the slum students also tried their hands on unleashing their creative potential in art and craft activities. With their SAI friends, the students from Asha Ashwasan made cards by finger and thumb painting which were to be presented to each other. A workshop on values of life was also included in the day to give the students an insight into the life skills of the 21st century. Technical workshops on Robotics, Mathematics and Science were also planned for the students where they made projects along with the students of SAI. The students of SAI International also collected Rs 5000/- to gift their less privileged friends with learning resources and stationery. This act just vindicates the compassion and empathy of the students of SAI International and their willingness to spread smiles on the faces of their underprivileged friends. A special lunch and snacks were organized for the slum students where they were treated to scrumptious delights. An interactive session was held for the students to share their experience and stories with the students of SAI. The day concluded with a movie screening of ‘I am Kalam’ for the students. The purpose behind choosing this movie was the extremely motivating and inspiring story of a poor young boy who believed that through hard work destinies can be conquered.


A Day Out: The Interact Club of SAI international School hosted a day out for 35 students from the Vivekananda Sikhya Kendra, SaliaSahi Slum School. During their all day visit they participated in sports such as Rugby, Horse Riding. They also attended Art and Computer classes and learned how a library operates.

Apurv Samay: On the occasion of International Day of service, the students of SAI visited the Missionaries of Charity on May 7, 2014 and rendered their services to the inmates of the old age home and orphan kids. A number of activities were planned by the members of Interact & Going Global Club and a drive to raise juice, biscuits and baby food was held. The response for this was overwhelming. The students also planned to do a dress up activity with the tiny toddlers where they will dress up as characters like Spider man and Superman and indulge in fun activities and dance. Our students also planned an art and craft session for the children where they made pieces of art with Playdough unleashing their imagination. This was followed by a snack time. They also entertained the children by reading out stories to them while spending some unconditional quality time with them.

Mere Bandhu: To keep the legacy of Joy of Giving intact, SAI International School students conducted an all school donations drive called “flip-flops for friends” bring in over 100 pairs of New flip flops to give various local orphanages in Bhubaneswar and inculcate the values of “sharing and caring” in our SAIoneers. SAI students donated over 100 pairs of brand new flip flops at the Ashraya Orphanage at Dum Dum. Putting a new pair of shoes on the feet of 85 underprivileged kids who themselves could not afford them brought in unmatched happiness to our students. A Hygiene packet containing a toothbrush, tooth paste, comb, coconut oil, small packet of laundry detergent and a bar of soap was presented to each child as well. We also gifted them with a small collection of over 100 used toys and a complete outfit for each child.


Aspirations: SAIoneers celebrated the International Day of Persons with the disable students at SAI International. 40 students and 3 teachers from the Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf (SHMSD) attended a special assembly and participated in workshops including pottery, computer, dodge ball and billiards. They were paired up and attended all the activities together including the workshops. The programme ended with a grand lunch, where the deaf students were served Chinese food giving them a taste of oriental cuisine.

The overall goal of this all-embracing program was to expose students from both the Deaf school and SAI International School to inclusive edification and socialization. It allows all participants a glimpse into the other’s world.

Uttarakhand-A Humble Offering: Uttarakhand was devastated by floods and landslides under nature’s wrath. Thousands of people lost their lives, homes and livelihood. SAI International School students organized a donation campaign to extend their support to the victims. The proceeds of this donation was forwarded to the government’s “Uttarakhand Relief Fund”

Phailin-A Humble Offering: Natural disasters are traumatic for the Society. “PHAILIN”, a very severe Cyclonic Storm hit Odisha in 2013 and caused huge devastation by resulting in huge loss of public and private property. The incessant rain and floods that followed, adversely affected many. Thousands of people had to evacuate their homes and move elsewhere.

As a small gesture of support, the faculty and staff of SAI International School contributed to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (Cyclone-2013) by contributing their respective one day salaries. Our valued parents and students also supported this cause by making humble contributions for this generous act. The entire amount collected was deposited with the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The students along with the Founder, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo personally went to the CM’s office with their humble offering. The students also expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the swift and unstinted efforts that were initiated by our Government to save the lives of millions of citizens of the state.


Kahaniya: The Day of Service was celebrated by SAI International School with a grand visit to S.O.S Village. S.O.S Village was founded by and Austrian, Dr. Herman Gmiener and there are over 132 villages located in over 50 countries. Students of class XI held a storytelling session. The international story “The Rainbow Fish” was shown in English and then translated into Oriya by the students themselves. This children’s story covers the moral lessons of sharing and friendship. The storytelling session was followed by a craft activity were the S.O.S children made a Rainbow fish with colored papers, fevicol and crayons. A briefing session was held by Mr. Patro of S.O.S Village where he asked the students from SAI what they expected to get out of their visit to which they responded by saying, “to make a change in the minds of the children we meet and entertain them.”


Walking at Par: This project involved gifting Walking sticks and Braille slates to the visually impaired at Bhima Bhoi School for the blind. With tear filled eyes all watched as the visually challenged students shared songs and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their SAI friends. This amazing initiative, Walking at Par, was SAI’s collaborative Design for Change project involving 2,000 SAI students and teachers. The funds for this project were raised by selling old newspapers and their self designed T-shirts. 319kg of old newspapers were collected and sold and 1,000 T-shirts were printed.

Pay it Forward: SAI led a campaign with over 100 student volunteers visiting the Mother Teresa Center, cleaning 45 cribs for the infants and passing out food donations to the elderly and sick.

Purnavriti: An initiative to bring in awareness about recycling in our adopted Primary School in Patia was taken by 30 students of our School. The awareness campaign involved sensitizing 130 underprivileged children about the importance of recycling by showing them a video and engaging them in craft activities.


Building Bridges: SAI Students made it their ambition to make a difference in the lives of not so privileged ones. They dreamt to make other people’s dreams come true. They wanted to extend a genuine hand of support to the students with visual impairment and help them step on the ladders of success and make their lives colorful. They desired to create awareness in the students of the mainstream and build bridges between the two poles. SAI students gave a day out to over 100 visually impaired students giving them access to facilities at SAI International School, including the swimming pool, horse riding etc… In return our students went to the blind School for a reciprocal visit. The students of SAI International School blind folded themselves and experienced firsthand what it felt to have a visual impairment. This included learning basic Braille, playing cricket and chess, blind folded.

Joy of Toys:The students got into the spirit of giving by organizing a toy donation drive. Students were asked to donate at least one toy on this occasion and as many as 500 toys were collected. These toys were donated to the “Jeevan Jyoti Ashram” which is a home for orphaned and homeless children.

Joy of Books: The entire student community of the school actively participated in the book donation drive organized by SAI International School. Students were asked to donate at least one book on this occasion (story books in English, Hindi or regional language). More than 600 books were collected through this activity. These books were donated to the “Bakul Foundation Library”

Joy of Cleaning: Students of the SAI International School organized a cleanliness drive at the “Baramunda” Bus stand as part of the Joy of giving week. Student volunteers cleaned up the bus stand and distributed awareness leaflets to the passengers present at the bus stand. This entire activity was carried out in the presence of the Mayor of Bhubaneswar who was there to encourage the students.

Joy of Going Green: Clean Bhubaneswar, Green Bhubaneswar was the motto of the SAI International School when it organized a sapling distribution drive at the Orissa Secretariat. Students of the school distributed more than 1000 “Neem” saplings at the Secretariat to the staff and members.

Swachhata: SAI International School has adopted a govt. school in Patia, Bhubaneswar and has made a lot of improvements to the school’s facilities. While adopting the school, it was noticed that the school did not have proper bathrooms for the students of the school. SAI students contributed generously and installed two separate bathrooms for boys and girls at their adopted school.


Odisha, A Humble Offering: Students of the SAI International School have always expressed their solidarity for the needy. When rains wreaked havoc in 19 districts of Odisha, the students of SAI came forward to extend their support to the flood victims. The students and staff members donated non-perishable eatables, candles and match boxes in huge quantity which were sent to the Delang area that was completely devastated due to the floods. This small gesture was applauded and acknowledged by everyone. The staff members and a team of volunteers reached the remotest villages on boats and distributed the relief materials to the villagers.

Photos from the Event