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Helping out for better future
A five-day training session was organised for the teachers of Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf (SHMSD) at SAI International School in July 2019. A five-day training was held on applying technology to education where teachers learnt how to make students tech-friendly.
To inculcate leadership skills in students, Principal Secondary, Shri Prakash Sahoo trained the School Leaders of SHMSD on ‘Classroom Leadership’. In a workshop on ‘Etiquettes’, teachers were trained on how to teach the students classroom etiquettes, behaviour among peers, behaviour in front of guests etc.
In a Teachers Training workshop on Mathematics, focus was given on how to make Mathematics fun for the students. In the workshop on Science, different methods of teaching the subject was demonstrated to make Science more joyful and meaningful. Sports Teachers of SHMSD were also given training on how to help students remain fit and active both mentally and physically though traditional and modern indoor games.
SHMSD is an adopted School of SAI International since the year 2010. SAI has been constantly mentoring the school through several activities and infrastructural development. As the School Ambassador of British Council (BC), SAI has mentored SHMSD in the application and implementation process of BC International School Award (ISA) projects, which enabled them to receive the Full ISA Award, making them the 1st Special School in the Country to win the coveted recognition.

Impact – The Teachers Training not only pepped up the teaching community, but also created in them an awareness on how to understand the needs of each children and devise individualized teaching methodology.


Building 100 Libraries

It is a philanthropic project envisioned by students of SAI International School to support students from under-privileged schools in and around the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, by providing them with a fully functional library. The project also involves imparting training to teachers on book keeping and record keeping. Through demonstration they are briefed on how to conduct story telling session, make library period more interactive and productive as well as how to inculcate a love for book reading in the students. Monitoring and assessments are conducted at regular intervals to ensure proper outcome. The School has always strived to imbibe the spirit of teamwork, leadership, innovations along with fostering compassion and humility.
Impact – On the students of less-privileged Schools – Whipped up the interest of students and teachers, widening of learning horizon, marked increase in Students Outcome
Impact on SAIoneers – This project has became a grooming ground to teach the students of the school on the importance of library, and build in them skills like leadership, act of giving, empathy and learning from planning till execution of a project as well as making them taste the hard work and excellence.


Fairytale Wall

We found that the only method for visually impaired persons to read a story was with the use of Braille printed Books, Magazines, and Newspapers. We dreamt of creating another way that was more stimulating allowing them to use more of their senses and making the story really come to life. So, the Sensory Wall Storybook was envisioned.
After several visits to the Orissa Association for the Blind (OAB) which is home to over 700 visually impaired teachers , staff, administrators and students from all over the state of Orissa we decided to introduce them to a new idea in story telling practiced globally called a sensory wall. This wall stimulates the sense used by visually impaired persons specifically hearing and touch. We wanted to share an innovative way of storytelling through touch and sound bringing some smiles to the organization.
We teamed up with our partner school Winterbourne International Academy from Bristol, UK and created a Sensory Wall. The Wall contained the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This amazingly simple story was written out in English and translated onto small recording boxes in Odiya- the local language and most spoken by our visually impaired friends. A team of 20 students from UK and India worked for 4 days creating and implementing the wall. The story was split into 3 parts and each piece placed on the wall was prepared by hand.

Impact – Created in the students a Joy for learning.


Joyful Spaces

Students of SAI and Winterbourne International Academy took on the project of “Joyful Spaces” as a part of their Collaborative Community Service Project at the Shri Harsha Memorial School for deaf. The original plan was to design a playroom for the deaf students in the age group of 5-7 but after seeing the deplorable condition of the classrooms, the compassionate students decided to do some extreme renovations and even add an outdoor area including a badminton and volley ball court. For 4 days they sanded the walls of the main classrooms, cleaned out the dust and debris around the school, painted over 3,000 square feet of wall, added curtains, put in an outdoor court yard and a play area with a basketball hoop. The overall effect was indeed wonderful and in conclusion the students gave the walls a fresh coat of paint as the finishing stroke.
The school also required some basic provisions like new sleeping mats, bed sheets, pillows and mosquito nets, which were purchased and donated along with 4 Storage units, Sports equipment (footballs, badminton sets, basketballs, cricket bats and balls, jump ropes etc…), Classroom resources ( notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, sketch pens, chart papers etc…), Playroom items( education board games, maps, activity books, soft toys, reading books etc…).

Impact – Re-enlivened the love for learning


Crib Bumper

SAI International School participates in a collaborative community project with our International partner Schools that aim at inculcating values such as empathy, compassion, moral obligation and kindheartedness toward their fellow human beings. The students of Chosen Hill School, UK and SAI undertook a collaborative community project at the Mother Teresa Centre which was called ‘Crib Bumper Project’. The project included the stitching of the bed sheets donated by the students to provide extra padding to the cribs for the babies at the centre. Safety of the babies was of prime concern to the authorities at the Mother Teresa Centre and the students in all earnest decided to address the issue. During a five day exchange visit of our partner school CHS, SAI and Chosen Hill students made and deposited 36 Crib Bumper Sets in the Nursery of the Mother Teresa Center, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, making it a safe and warm place for 22 orphan babies to sleep.

Impact – Creating compart for the little angles.


Sakhyam – Earn while you Learn

This student led CSR project was initiated to promote economic self-sufficiency in the under privileged youth, targeting initiation of education in beginners and dropouts by counseling.
It was devised as a two-pronged approach for uneducated youth above 18 years of age. Firstly a door to door courier cum deliver service during the working hours and secondly the flexible evening classes literacy and vocational trainings. The beneficiaries are imparted education, training and are placed to earn for life.
The role of SAI International School students was to plan and execute the project, identification and selection of beneficiaries, training and generate funds.
The beneficiary youths were selected from nearby slum areas. They were given three months of skill development training and six months of educational training. The activities were conducted in the School ecosystem and environment. In the pilot phase 40 underprivileged youths were trained on areas like carpentry, catering assistant, banking skills, basic computer operation, house painting, electrical skills, wielding and courier service. The youths were regularly motivated by showcasing them success stories of similar cases through audio-visual medium. They were given bicycles, uniforms and stationery.

Impact: Each student learnt a skill from an expert trainer which became a source of livelihood for themThey also learnt basic English, manners, etiquettes, which gave them the confidence to move aheadThe classroom set-up and uniforms boosted their morale and motivated them to learn harderA visible change in their attitude and learning approach was felt after regular counseling.


• The Pigeon Courier and delivery services (School Courier) hired the 40 youths while they were still under training. They were paid Rs.20 for large packets and Rs.10 for small packets.

• Placement for the beneficiaries were organised by students through the parents who are senior functionaries in Government, Private and Corporate houses.

• Most of the youths have been hired by JSS Group


A Silent Wish – Walking hand in hand towards success

Handholding support provided to Shri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf (SHMSD) by enriching their infrastructural facilities, developing their technical skills, supporting them to nurture their wishes and interests for a better life. SAI International School is mentoring the school towards International School Award (ISA). It is one of the first deaf schools in India to aim for the prestigious award.
Interested and selected students of SAI International School interacted with the students of SHMSD and learnt sign languages from them which helped them to develop learning materials according to their needs. SAIoneers delivered lessons on Maths, History and Geography to the students of SHMSD. SAIoneers prepared modules and regularly give them lessons on Microsoft during their after school hours for enhancing their computer literacy.
In 2015, UNWIND sponsored and hosted 45 students from Shri Harsh Memorial School for the Deaf and Louis Braille School for the Blind and gave them access to partake in all UNWIND festivities. SAI volunteers took our guest to each stall inviting them to join in all the games, edibles and entertainment the festival had to offer. This programme was truly in the spirit of friendship and inclusion.

40 students and three teachers from SHMSD attended a special assembly and participated in workshops including pottery, computer, dodge ball and computers at SAI. The students were paired up each with students from SAI for all the activities to have a glimpse into each other’s world.

16 students from Gombe Junior School and Mackay Memorial College, Uganda who were visiting SAI were taken for a visit to SHMSD for a cultural exchange programme.

Impact: Students were inspired to acquire knowledge after getting better infrastructureInteracting with students from various countries and sharing ideas with them have helped them to widen their knowledge. SHMSD children gained basic knowledge on computer application with confidence


Reading Rainbow

After the success of bathroom installation at our adopted government school in Patia, Bhubaneswar, the students of SAI International School decided to go a step further and provide a much-needed functional library to the pupils who were craving for one. The students of SAI thoughtfully brought up the issue and decided to take up an all school book drive and have the pleasure of donating a fully equipped library during the Joy of Giving week. They not only planned to reorganize a dilapidated room of the School with furniture, fixtures and paint but also arranged for a very well planned stock of books appropriate for them to use. The students have made this DFC project an ongoing activity to support the Govt School with reading sessions twice a month, in order to encourage reading habits in the children and help enrich their education. The SAI team also guides the Patia students to maintain the library for long term sustenance. More and more books will be added to the stock as per requirement, year after year.

Impact – Rejuvenated the environ, hence creating a love for learning in the children.


Medical care and assistance in the deprived areas of the city have always been a matter of concern. The under privileged could not seek proper medical attention and this resulted in their poor health. Students of SAI International School came up with the idea of “MOBILICINE”, where the students developed software to enable the underprivileged to seek medical help and attention through a mobile SMS system.

Impact – Helped in bridging the gap between the deprived people and good centres of medical care to receive instant advice and prescription.

Photos from the Event