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Dr. B K Sahoo 100 Libraries

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo - 100 Libraries Project

The "100 Libraries Project," envisioned and conceived by Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, represents a remarkable endeavor with the overarching goal of revolutionizing education. This visionary initiative seeks to establish a network of 100 meticulously furnished libraries within a spectrum of Government and private schools, strategically situated amidst the resource-constrained educational landscape of the Cuttack and Bhubaneswar region. This visionary project embodies a profound commitment to enhancing the learning experience for students and promoting a culture of knowledge dissemination.

Dr. Sahoo's vision recognizes the pivotal role that libraries play in nurturing a lifelong love for learning and intellectual growth. By providing students with access to diverse and comprehensive reading materials, the project seeks to ignite curiosity, expand horizons, and instill a sense of discovery among young minds. These libraries not only foster academic excellence but also nurture creativity, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the world.


To ignite the flame of reading in the indigent children and instilling empathy in SAIoneers.


Installation of 100 Libraries in underprivileged schools of Odisha was finalized as Dr. Sahoo believed in inculcating the habit of reading from a tender age to further reinforce his ideology of ensuring to ‘Build a Better India through Education’.

Mission 100 Library

After a rigorous survey on the no. of libraries in the State of Odisha for the underprivileged children, SAI International understood the need that the State lacks in the basic literacy resource for better teaching and learning process. The Sustainable Development Goal 4 suggests ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

A rich library is essential to each student knowledge growth and hence Late Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo envisioned the 100 Library Project and trained his SAIoneers to work towards building the libraries until the goal is achieved.

Community Impact

Operational libraries have not only been instrumental in the personal and vocational advancement of economically disadvantaged students, but have also been pivotal in nurturing their self-assurance for a more promising future. This initiative stands as a noteworthy exemplar of resource mobilization to steer the student leadership program towards societal progress.

The "100 Libraries Project" has substantially elevated the count of young adults and adolescents equipped with pertinent proficiencies, spanning technical, vocational, and entrepreneurial domains, thereby enhancing their prospects for gainful employment and dignified occupations.

Each library operates in a self-sustaining manner, fostering an atmosphere where children are actively motivated to champion comprehensive and equitable high-quality education, thereby propelling the realization of Sustainable Development Goal No. 4.

These libraries have precipitated a profound metamorphosis across the educational ecosystem, exerting a transformative influence on both academic and administrative spheres. Observable outcomes include a discernible upswing in student achievements, a surge in average scores, bolstered attendance, and enhanced pedagogical efficacy.

The expansion of intellectual horizons among marginalized students has been prodigiously facilitated through engaging and inventive storytelling sessions, facilitated by the abundance of pictorial books generously contributed to the libraries. This has empowered students to harness their imaginative prowess and nurture their creative impulses.

Moreover, the presence of these libraries has instigated a paradigm shift in the perspectives of both educators and learners, fostering a collective focus on elevating the magnitude of their learning experiences.