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by SAI Admin

25 December, 2018

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.” – Harold S Geneen

SAI Netritva, the annual leadership programme, is developed with a vision to inculcate the qualities of a true leader within each student and make them aware and confident global learners. It also aims to inspire children to go beyond their self and probe into the deeper realms of life in an environment outside school and evolve as an empathetic leader.

The Camp is conducted for students from Class I to XII. This year, the two-day Camp commenced on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 and culminated on Monday December 17, 2018. In the two days, students are ably guided and assisted by experts over various areas which include leadership, soft skills training, communication skills through dramatics, social work and outdoor activities.

To leverage the qualitative component of SAI Netritva, this year, an hour-long Grooming Session was introduced which helped in augmenting the confidence and refining the personality of the campers still further. This activity-based training helped in enhancing the positive self-esteem of the children and helped them to gain in-depth knowledge about good habits, manners and behaviours through interactive activities like discussion, role play and simulation.

In the camp, the chain of event includes arrival at camp, breakfast, allotment of group, bed and distribution of kit, activities in rotation like Pottery, Outdoor activities or Communication classes, tea break, briefing on drama, break for lunch, continuation of activities, tea break, playtime, evening prayer, role play, dinner, bonfire and a good night sleep after having hot milk. The day 2 starts with wakeup call at 5.30 am, a mega challenge, activities continued, tea break, letter writing, lunch, pack up, hot air balloon, refreshment break, valedictory and dispersal.

The Leadership Programme aims to inculcate the qualities of a true leader within each student and make them aware and confident global learners. The two-day and one-night camp focusses on building and fortifying attributes and skills to help students emerge with improved communication and numerous other life skills. The specially designed location with its training facilities help each and every child to explore their innate talent.

Photos from the Event