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by SAI Admin

25 December, 2019

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” – Warren Bennis

SAI Netritva, the annual leadership programme of SAI International School was successfully conducted from October 16 to December 16, 2019. Students from Class I to XII enthusiastically participated in the leadership programme. For students from Class I, II and III, it was a one-day event, while for students from Class IV to XII; it was a 2-day program amidst a picturesque location close to nature.

SAI Netritva is developed with a vision to inculcate the qualities of a true leader within each student and make them aware and confident global learners. It also aims to inspire children to go beyond self and probe into the deeper realms of life in an environment outside school and evolve as empathetic leader. It also creates a greater sense of awareness about ethics and value-based leadership amongst students with respect to society and environment.

Students had hands-on experience at the camp site which gave them scope for self-discovery and activated their curiosity and interest. During the camp, students were guided to understand their own behaviour and feelings as well as identify their strength and weakness. This activity-based training is a step to enhance the positive self-esteem of the children and help them to achieve their full potential. Through interactive activities like discussion, role play and simulation, the participants learnt about proper etiquette and communication skills.

SAI Netritva is an excellent platform which helps in developing every student to their maximum potential and enables them to become lifelong learners and emphasizes on acquisition of useful skills, understanding, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities of the students. It also helps the students to be self-directed, realistic and responsible decision makers.

The stellar achievements of the students are testimony to the effort and hard work put in by our students and teachers who have structured and guided their learning during the program. Supplementing learning by inculcation of values helps to strengthen body, mind and soul, which is the inherent component of a strong leader and which is the core aim of SAI Netritva.

Photos from the Event