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by SAI Admin

12 June, 2019

“And then I realized adventures are the best way to learn.” – Anonymous

Educational trips are a pivotal part of the curriculum of SAI International School which are meticulously and purposefully planned to give optimal exposure and learning experience to the students. It helps in developing leadership qualities, enhance communication skills, discipline, team work as well as create a greater sense of awareness about ethics and value-based leadership amongst students.

The SAI Leadership Trip to Shimla-Mashobra-Chandigarh culminated on Thursday, May 30, 2019. Thirty-four students along with two Teacher Coordinators had a wonderful learning time in the 8-day exciting trip. Apart from indulging in adventurous activities like Tyrolean Traverse, Flying Fox, River Crossing, Mountain Climbing, Rappling, they also had night trekking and survival day, where the young students learnt to make fire in the jungle and cook food.

The evening was spent singing and sharing of experience around the camp fire. Students also got to visit places of interest like the ancient Jakoo temple at Shimla, the famous Pinjore Garden at Panchkula and many more. Children shopped to their hearts content at the Mall Road, Shimla and the Elante Mall in Chandigarh. The trip was a lifetime enjoyable experience for the young students.

The young campers were mesmerised by the mist-bathed hills of the Queen of Hills, Shimla, the dense trees, the gushing streams, the flora and fauna and the fresh surrounding. Students had a great learning time during the trip, which provided them with an excellent opportunity to explore and experience the diversities of life and equipped them to face challenges courageously and handle situations more confidently.


Photos from the Event