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by SAI Admin

24 May, 2019

“Leadership Camps are about growth and accomplishments.” – Anonymous

The Leadership Trip of SAI International School is held every year to build leadership qualities, team management, interdependence, discipline, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. This year, the trip commenced on Thursday, May 23, 2019 with thirty-four students along with two teacher co-ordinators visiting places like Shimla, Mashobra and Chandigarh.

During the eight days students will have an amazing time indulging in various adventurous activities and learning leadership skills. Camp fire, a visit to a nearby village to learn their culture and tradition, birding session along with a qualified naturalist, learning survival skills, visiting places of interest and many more will make the trip a really enriching one.

SAI Leadership Trip is organised every year to encourage holistic growth of students. The School tries to raise the bar for the students physically, socially and emotionally to create 21st century global citizens. These adventure camps help the students to discover their hidden potential and learn to tackle natural challenges, whereby enabling them to emerge as tenacious, trail-tested leaders with genuine confidence and a passion to achieve.



Photos from the Event