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by SAI Admin

02 September, 2021

“He who plants a tree. Plants a hope.” – Lucy Larcom

SAI International School conducted a Tree Plantation activity in collaboration with the Rotary Club on Thursday,2 September, 2021. The activity was held on the campus of the school.

Nature is God’s most wonderful creation. It provides first hand information on the growth, development and nourishment of all its organisms. Tree Plantation is significant as it strengthens our environment against air pollution and helps the blue planet from global warming.

On the occasion SAIoneers from the Interact and Going Global Clubs planted 30 saplings in the open field. The guest speakers were Shri Surjit Pratap Singh Deo, Director Environment and Retired Shri Manik Sharma, Vice President and  Rotary Club of Bhubaneswar. They have been quite active in the Rotaract Club (Interact) for the past 11 years and have been organizing many volunteer activities. Shri Singh Deo introduced the students on the importance of planting trees and gave a live demonstration of Seed Bomb, which are seeds that have been wrapped in soil matter and then dried. As such, seed balls became an important aspect of natural farming and making a green environment in enterprises all over the world.

The main aim of the drive was to direct student’s mind in being involved in constructive activities that present positive outcome through the facilitation the betterment of society. The students participated in the drive enthusiastically and helped each other in planting the saplings. All the saplings were planted in the school ground by students. The students along with the teachers also planted the saplings, and discussed about plant more and more trees and encourage others to do the same. Some of the students also shared their previous experiences and shared their joy with others present. The drive was a great success, enriching students with adequate knowledge of environment and plants.

Mr. Nilakanta Panigrahi, Sr.Principal, of SAI International School was also part of this volunteer activity addressing the students and the guests on the important aspects of planting, saving and growing more trees. Speaking on the occasion he stated, “small steps taken together by the school and students will surely foster happiness by establishing strong mental and social health amongst today’s children so that they feel connected with their peers, their elders, their communities and their environments”.

Photos from the Event