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by SAI Admin

10 January, 2021

“To begin, begin” – William Wordsworth

SAI International School resumed classes for students of Classes X and XII on Friday,January 8, 2021.After a gap of nine months as schools have reopened in the state, in compliance with State Government SOPs. The students were naturally brimming with excitement to be able to see their friends and teachers after a very long gap of many months. The vibrant energy and positivity was clearly visible on the faces of each and every student, teachers and staff .The long await was finally over, post-pandemic schools received back the actual treasures our school our SAIoneers.

The students were very impressed to be welcomed back to school with such neat absolute protocol adherence, in the post-pandemic situation. Students really appreciated the manner in which the arrangements had been done by the  school keeping the safety and security concern in mind. To bring in sweetness in beginning back again, students were handed chocolates and under complete vigilance guided to their respective classrooms. The strict instruction of keeping distance from other students and admission of not more than 20 students in a classroom was ensured by school authorities.

 Digital thermometer readings to measure the body temperature, for all students, teachers and staff, were taken at the entrance of the school, mandatory as per govt. guidelines. The re-opening was approached in a staggered manner, with multiple checkpoints to take precautionary measures, as required. Strict protocols were followed for students from wearing masks, washing hands at frequent intervals to mandatory social distancing, almost giving a formal colour to their first day in school, as we reopened  today. The transport service too, resumed, buses began to ply students as per the government guidelines. At the time of boarding and exiting the buses, students were put through a rountine temperature check and hand sanitization. The students could resume classes in the school campus only after submitting the consent letters from the parents. The classrooms, corridors and toilets were sanitized every two hours and classes were conducted for limited hours as necessary, as per the Govt guidelines.

Shree Santosh Naik, Block Education Officer, was present at the time of re-opening of the school. He was very happy to note all government advised protocols had been followed strictly by the school authorities, with  proper social distancing being maintained amongst students , wearing masks had been adhered to, sanitizer units had been set up to assist all. He was elated to see students joining back classes so enthusiastically while being welcomed back so warmly by their teachers and the whole atmosphere was very encouraging to one and all.

We look forward for conducting unhindered classes to continue in the best interest of our students, as going forward we hope education doesn’t take a hit, especially with the board exams round the corner, in a post-pandemic scenario. With the Vaccine coming in and all the positivity going around we wish the school opens up completely for all its Students and the school misses each of its SAIoneers around.

Dr.Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder and Mentor of SAI International was elated to welcome the SAIoneers of classes X and XII. He said that, “The school is finally open and we are ready to overcome all hurdles and function the way we did pre-pandemic. We are hopeful that we will be able to enlighten each mind with the Power of Education”.

Photos from the Event