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by SAI Admin

15 August, 2021

“Manpower without Unity is not a strength unless it is harmonized and united properly, then it becomes a spiritual power.” – Sardar Patel

SAI International on the historic day, of August 15, observed the virtual celebration of the 75th Independence Day.  Honoring the date, students organized cultural programs, essay-writing, skits, playing musical instruments, singing patriotic songs, writing speeches. Students commemorated the event by contributing in varied presentations ranging from PPTs, speeches, self-composed dances, reciting poems and sharing documentaries on the journey of this great nation in becoming a unique republic. Millions of Indians celebrated the historic day, in their home country & across the globe. It is a day that fills each one of us with patriotism as we remember the struggles of our great leaders & freedom fighters. Celebrations with a spirit teeming with buoyancy and candor in a virtual assemblage, teachers and students and parents came together to witness a jubilation flavored in diverse airs, narrating tales of Indian essence, myriad hues and the brilliance of independence endeavor.

All the SAIoneers of SAI International School celebrated Independence Day to show their solidarity towards the nation. It displayed the respect they have towards freedom fighters who gave their lives for Independence. Independence Day celebration also inspires the young generation to serve the country, hence, they contributed in their efforts to keep the spirit of patriotism alive.

The spirit of each and every child was commendable along with their family members who had enthusiastically participated in the virtual Independence Day Celebration and did various activities like enacting freedom fighters, narrating national symbols, reciting poems, and also danced to the tunes of patriotic songs. They exchanged greetings with family members, friends and teachers on a Happy 75 Independence Day 2021!

Young SAIoneers of SAI International Residential School, sang Patriotic songs, danced, made tricolour dishes, tricolor drinks, crafted colorful tricolour badges, played musical instruments, dressed up like freedom fighters, role-played, wrote and recited Patriotic poems and speeches. Most of the SAIoneers were dressed in tricolour, painted their nails, cheek and face with tricolour, decorated their rooms with national flags and pictures of freedom fighters, wore tricolour dresses, headbands, wristbands and presented PowerPoint on the topic of our freedom struggle and freedom fighters.

SAIoneers across grades very enthusiastically participated in all the virtual celebrations with high patriotic fervor and zest in their homes, as the children in all grades learnt about India’s political history, the role that freedom fighters played as a part of their Independence Day celebrations. It gave each child a sense of importance and belonging which is essential for building social relationships and for contributing to the world.

Photos from the Event