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by SAI Admin

02 March, 2019

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.” – Wendell Berry

Global Immersion Programme (GIP) is one such endeavor to enable students to have a deeper understanding of other countries and cultures, gain an insight into global perspective of education, fine tunes their leadership and communication skills and facilitates a flow of ideas towards becoming a global citizen. It is an excellent method to instill independent thinking and bestow in them the confidence to build their dreams and goals.

In this programme, students in group guided by mentors visit a foreign country to get a glimpse of their academia, culture and get a myriad understanding of the country. They visit various acclaimed educational Institutes to get a real-life experience of their teaching-learning process, tour renowned Universities to understand the various programs and process of admission and free structure. They also an excellent opportunity to explore the cross-cultural leadership style and management by visiting multinational companies like Google, Facebook etc., or go for exposure tours to places like NASA.

Students get to stay with host families which become a lifetime learning experience for them. Bonding with them, getting to understand their culture, tradition, sharing their typical cuisines, trying to decipher their thought process and being adjustive to gel with the living style of the host family, adapting to the weather condition etc., make it a challenging yet exciting experience. It gives them a first-hand understanding of a different world which was beyond their perception.

These programmes though quite challenging teaches the students to give their best to adapt themselves to a new environment. Students get an excellent opportunity to build a global networking of friendship and connections that becomes a stepping stone for success. They get a vast exposure on the teaching mechanism and style of contemporary educational institutions

The New Gen students are no longer satisfied just being passive recipients of education. The massive knowledge explosion with the technology boom, in addition to the effect of globalization has redefined the knowledge requirements of students. The time has come to capacitate these students in transferable competencies besides giving them an International exposure to align with the fast-changing world.

GIPs at SAI is designed to create confident Global Citizens and future ready Leaders working towards a better tomorrow. It builds an inerasable confidence as well as International understanding that get embedded in the mind and soul of the students. It provides them with an enabling platform to increase their efficiency, gain respect for the cultures and traditions of other countries and people and deepen their knowledge level on the global arena.

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