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by SAI Admin

08 September, 2021

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

SAI International hosted a career talk for Class XI and XII students of SAI International Students and SAI International Residential School. The first speaker

 The session was scheduled for 8 September 2021, on the College Board Programs - Advanced Placement (AP) and SAT are a guaranteed stepping stones towards admissions into Universities abroad. The speakers for the session were Ms. Jessica Patnaik, SAT & AP Coordinator and Mr. Srimoy Mitra, Founder, East Coast Prep Exam.

Career planning needs to be dealt with caution during the high school years when young minds are trying to adjudge a clear career path. In fact it is huge worry for parents to help their children in identify their calling in pursuing engineering or a medical career, or all together a new path. Tracking the current admission offers from across a range Universities, the most critical part is the application process, where student’s application form needs to meet the certain criteria. On submission of the form with all the necessary documents in place it only further helps students in getting confirmation offers from Universities, to finally zero in the course of study.

Despite the host of new emerging fields and new career options now present in the forefront, awareness is very  little about them.SAI International provides such forums to not just for identifying and but also prioritizing the application procedures. It is important to identify the core competencies of the students and map a course that translates into successful career for future. Prioritizing requires planning at student’s level, parents and teacher’s level too. Thus, detecting the difference between important, goal-oriented tasks, like outlining information for the admission process. To go beyond the expected in skill up gradation to get  job ready for a demanding career lifelong.

Career counseling is beyond just choosing a job with a high pay scale or establishes job security in the highly volatile world of today. It is in fact a method which helps the student’s alignment with their interest, skills, and satisfies their expectations from their careers. Career counseling has gradually been gaining the recognition it deserves, SAI International, truly is a flag bearer as bettering future prospects of the students trough counseling and guidance.

Photos from the Event