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by SAI Admin

11 August, 2021

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” – Estée Lauder

SAI International hosted a virtual career talk on 11 August, 2021 with Krea and O.P Jindal University more than 60 students joined from Class XI and XII, of SAI International school and SAI International Residential School.

SAI International is mandated to provide quality training, consultancy and advisory services to the student fraternity. With countries shutting down and critical student engagement time should be best utilized  in the wake of Covid-19 lockdown, more young people need guidance on what to do professionally  to up skill themselves and  be career ready.

 Ms. Meenu Arora, Director Outreach, Krea University, briefed students in a holistic interwoven learning, based on a set of guiding principles we see as essential for a transformative and cutting-edge college experience. We believe that a deep engagement with our interwoven philosophy and approach on teaching, learning, research, and life, that  will prepare students for the challenges the future holds, helping them unpack a complex and intricate tapestry of relationships among humans, machines, and nature in ways that will transform the world

All major courses at Krea are writing intensive, interdisciplinary, and research based; focus on ethics and the historicity of different ideas, concepts, and practices; provide immersive experiences; develop awareness of data analytics and the impact of rapidly evolving technologies on disciplines and communities. Mr. Ankur Vohra briefed about curriculum, research, and collaborations of the highest standards, and with a global perspective. He discussed with the participants of the session about internship and research programs offered in universities. 

SAI Career Talk has embarked on conducting virtual career talks among universities and colleges in the region with an aim to create awareness on various courses offered by the institute and to also invite participation of students in the virtual events.

Speaking to key note speakers of various universities provides students to get interested in the emerging trends, design, social sciences and technology courses especially Cyber security and Artificial Intelligence. SAI career Talks have been able to guide students on the right career paths to follow in order to achieve maximum technical skills that is lacking in the world today. Other than technical skills, sharing information of various upcoming courses students are able to understand what is needed in their preferred area of specialization.

The event presented students with proper guidance and motivation to progress their careers ahead and also to provided mentorship when need be. It was indeed an interactive session, the platform helped students to have an interface on what to expect for their higher education in different Universities.

Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International  Education Group , she stated that session as SAI Career Talk will bring about clarity in the mind of the students and parents for establishing successful careers.

Photos from the Event