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by SAI Admin

18 August, 2021

“It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career." Carlton Fisk

SAI International hosted a career talk for Class XI and XII students of SAI International Students and SAI International Residential School. The first speaker Ms. Dhanya Bhatia, Senior Recruitment Advisor, Australian National University briefed on how remote learning has become so important and discussed about Australian National University Internships and Careers.

The university is 1st rank in Australia and 27th in the world for graduate employability and field research. Ms Bhatia gave her insights on how students work on some amazing projects such as Tech Launcher and Capstone and MomentuM, Interactive networking workshops. Adding international dimensions to learning experience.

Te second speaker Ms. Jaspreet Kaur, Regional Advisor (South Asia) Queen Mary University of London, briefed on application process, UCAS, and how one can apply to only Cambridge or Oxford, based on the deadlines of the colleges. Queen Mary college goes under Russell Group of Universities, Ranked 13th in the UK and the popular courses available Medicine & Dentistry, Science, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences.        

IDP Counsellor also told about the upcoming events for US, UK, Canada where Universities representatives along with Virtual Fairs. The speakers discussed the after effects of COVID19 on International Education across the globe. Career planning has always been a critical worry of concern for most parents in India pushing their children to go for an engineering or medical career.

 A recent report noted that 95% of Indian students selected their class 11 stream without even understanding what career options can be availed from each stream. This uninformed choice affects students further on in life as well - while 33% of students in college are unhappy about the courses they opted for, nearly 30% of working professionals are unhappy with their current job roles/profiles.

Despite the host of new fields and new career options now coming into play, parents and students as well know very little about them. SAI International provides a pathway for identifying and prioritizing the application procedures. Prioritizing requires planning at student’s level, parents and teacher’s level too. Thus, detecting the difference between important, goal-oriented tasks, like outlining information for the admission process. To go beyond the expected and get job ready for a demanding career lifelong.

Career counseling is much more than choosing a job with a high pay scale or ensured job security. It is a method which helps the students choose a career that aligns with their interest, skills, and satisfy their expectations form the job. Career counseling helps you grow to somebody who you want to be, thrive in the society as who you are, create an impact and inspire the onward generation. However, unlike in the former days, career counseling has gradually been gaining the recognition it deserves, SAI International, truly is a flag bearer as bettering future prospects of the students trough counselling and guidance.

Photos from the Event