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by SAI Admin

27 October, 2018

“A smile is the universal welcome.” – Max Eastman

With big smiles on their gleaming faces, students of Class XII warmly welcomed the students of Class XI for the Fresher’s Day on Friday, October 26, 2018 in the Indraprastha Auditorium.

SAI Abhinandan is one of the most eagerly awaited event of SAI International School as it gives students an opportunity to breaks the ice between the two batches of students and help them strengthen their bond as a true SAIoneer. The senior students take every step to make their juniors feel special on this day.

A whole lot of activities were conducted on the day. Students spoke about their juniors in a fun-filled atmosphere, various interesting prizes were given away to them. As no fresher party is complete without dance and music, the seniors enthralled the juniors with superb band performances, skillful fillers and outstanding dance shows, filling the crowd with euphoria. The Class XI students felt greatly privileged to be accorded such hearty welcome by their seniors.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Dr. Bijoy K Sahoo welcomed the students and said that “our SAIoneers have this healthy practice of transferring the baton to the junior, one batch creating an event for the other, which is highly commendable”. He advised the students to take sincere steps to shape themselves and their career.

Principal Shri Harish Sanduja shared his thoughts on happiness and advised the students never to put the key of their happiness into someone else’s hand. Sr. Vice Principal Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi spoke about the school culture and asked the students to give their best effort to achieve great success in life.

Photos from the Event