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by SAI Admin

18 August, 2017

Hi! I am Urjaa and I am fourteen years old. This is my twelfth year in school, including nursery, Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten. And, practically, for more than half of my life, I feel, I have been giving exams; because there is nothing else to do in school.

A year or so ago, I was appearing for an exam, like always. That was an English paper and I had to write about my role model. The topic was not rocket science, but it was for me. There were many instances when people had asked me to tell them about who my role model is and I had always blatantly ignored the question. It was not because I did not have one; it was because I was afraid that everyone was going to judge me. I had never let anyone know about my role model, ever.

The Bible has 365 mentions of ‘fear not’ and similar phrases which inspires us to live the 365 days of the year being fearless. Therefore, I will not be afraid for once, and say to you, dear reader, that my role model is not Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Narendra Modiji, my father, or my teacher. In fact, I don’t have a role model, I have role models and they are nobody but dogs.

I know I have intrigued you, my reader, but I am being honest. Dogs are such wonderful creatures; had all the people possessed the hearts of dogs, the world would have been a better place. Dogs don’t just teach me to be loyal and faithful, but also the way to love unquestioningly, enjoy thoroughly and live truly. They teach me to unsheathe the simple pleasures of everyday and pay attention to little things that might not be anything for me but everything for somebody else. They make me less judgemental. They don’t just inspire me to listen more, but to listen more intently. They have made me realise that one cannot be happy if he lives for himself. In order to be happy and to be happy unerringly, one has to live just a little more for others; one has to live, and not just be alive.

Dogs have made me so positive that even if someone calls me a ‘dog’ or a ‘bitch’ one day, I won’t get offended, because he is indirectly saying that I am so much better than him and the person is not matured enough to understand the fact that more humane than humans are dogs.

There are so many things that dogs are and humans aren’t, yet we say humans are God’s most ingenious creation. We, the humans say so because we take pride in some of those things that dogs aren’t and humans are. Humans are boastful, dogs aren’t; they are sarcastic, dogs aren’t; they are egotistical, dogs aren’t; they are afraid (like I used to be), dogs aren’t; they, above all, are liars, dogs just aren’t and can never be.

And, dear reader, let me tell you I have not written all of this in an attempt to make my essay stand out, I whole heartedly mean it and want to let you know that if at all taking a rebirth is possible, I will want to be a dog, only a dog and no one else; because when I will have become a dog, I will feel more, love more and live more.