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by SAI Admin

29 May, 2020

“The beauty of the world lies in diversity of people” – Anonymous

SAI International School teachers had an online interactive session with Mr. John Snell, Head Teacher, Welton Primary School, United Kingdom (UK) on Wednesday, May 27, 2020, as part of International collaborative activities of SAI International. Around 120 teachers from Play Group to Class V attended the meet.

Mr.Snell spoke about the COVID 19 situation in the UK and its impact on school education, especially on their school. He also briefed about the history of the 120-year-old school and shared about a recent program, ‘The career learning at Welton Primary School’, conducted by them. During the session, the participants spoke about the various activities conducted in each other’s school during lockdown.

Mr. Snell introduced his family, who spoke about how they are coping with the lockdown time at home. The children spoke about their routine at home and John’s wife spoke about her school where she works as an English teacher.

The head teacher along with his family displayed Shepherd’s Pie, a British food while explaining in minute details about the recipe and the procedure of making the dish. As a reciprocation, teachers of SAI International showcased an Indian recipe, Aloo Tikki Chaat to them. Several other discussions were also held on various innovative activities conducted by the schools during lockdown.

SAI International has been successfully partnering with several schools across the world, since its inception in the year 2008. There are five partner schools in the UK and Welton Primary is one of the oldest partner schools of SAI International. Over the years the partnership has been strengthened through collaborative projects and exchange visits.

Photos from the Event