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by SAI Admin

18 January, 2019

“Questioning is the ability to organize our thinking around what we don’t know”.

The members of the Quest Club gave a crisp and wonderful presentation on their Club activities on Thursday, January 17, 2019. Through video clippings they highlighted the importance of quizzing.

The enthusiastic students organised a quizzing session of three rounds for Classes VI to VIII. The interesting questions were based on topics related to science, history and current affairs. The event witnessed enthusiastic preparation & participation of the SAIoneers. The students displayed a high spirit and were in jubilant mood while answering the questions.

Quest, puzzles and games form a part of Quest Club curriculum, wherein members are involved in systematic study and application of knowledge. This has a remarkable impact on character building, instils self-discipline and encourages the spirit of inquiry that helps build mental alertness.

Quest Club intends to provide students an interactive platform for sharing their knowledge and enhancing their knowledge base through quizzes. Activities like mind sport or games not only boost their confidence but also satisfy their inquisitive instinct to explore more and perform better.

SAI International School always encourages positive participation of students and hopes to bring out the best in them through such healthy interactions & discussions. It also ensures that children learn through all possible ways and not just confine their learning horizon to books & classroom teaching.

Photos from the Event