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by SAI Admin

01 February, 2021

SAI International School participated in this week’s virtual Postcard activity in a Round Square Virtual Postcard event hosted by Palmer Trinity School, USA , the topic was folklore and fables.

The discussion highlights the importance and purpose of folklore in a country’s culture,understanding the similarities between different folktales from different countries. Folklore is often connected to religion and to a large extent impacts the culture of a country. It is quite interesting to note that there exists  a huge amount of similarities within folktales of different countries, mostly sharing a similar theme of good over evil.

The virtual meet brought together more than 80 students from 22 schools from Armenia, India, Canada, Colombia, Dubai, Japan, Germany, Thailand, South Africa and the UK.

SAIoneer Hem Doshi of Class XI, spoke about Lord Jagannath and his tale representing Odisha, on the international platform. Participants from other schools spoke about Dream Catchers and the Legends of Davy Crockett and Pal Reveier. 

Photos from the Event