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by SAI Admin

23 May, 2018

Physics Teachers of Class VI to X were given an orientation on the Physics behind Robotics on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. The trainers discussed about how concepts of physics like friction, motion, light, speed & distance, metal detectors are used in the various activities of Robotics. With the help of four different models on sensors, the trainers explained about different types of sensors like Infra-Red sensor, sound sensor, touch sensor, light sensor, continuity sensor and its use. The participants got an in-depth idea on the Analogue and Digital sensors as well. They were also briefed on program based activities and non-program based activities to make a model.

The training was organised to enable the participants to understand how Robotics is related to Physics and its uses and importance in daily life. The objective of the training was to provide proper hand-holding support to the Physics teachers in strengthening their knowledge on Physics behind Robotics, which will help them in their classroom activities.

Robotics deals with technological innovations, designs, construction and operation of various models. While students of class VI and VII get to have hands-on experience in designing remote based models, the senior students learn about automatic or programme-based models. They also get to build models with the help of sensors like light, sound, infrared, continuity of metal dictator or touch.

The Robotics lab at SAI is one of the first and finest laboratories in the state at School level, designed to bring the students closer to science and engineering from an early age.  Students from class VI onwards have access to the lab and have freedom to use their imagination for innovative laboratory activities.

Photos from the Event