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by SAI Admin

05 May, 2020

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But when you listen, you might learn something new’. – Dalai Lama

Learning something new and interesting during this period of lockdown, makes ones time really constructive. The Online Expert Session held every Sunday is one such attempt to break the monotony of our valued parents, help them learn something new and encourage them to develop a hobby.

In the past two weeks there were four such sessions. The session on health was held on Sunday April 26, 2020, Prof.Jayanta Kumar Panda, Professor Medicine, SCB Medical College, Cuttack and Nodal Officer Training (Critical Care) COVID 19, Government of Odisha, spoke on COVID 19 and its Remedies. In the interactive session, Prof.Panda gave valuable suggestions on how to combat the catastrophic virus and answered the various queries by the parents on the topic.

Continuing with issues related to health and wellbeing, Ms.Sanhati Pani, Founder of Kushmanda Naturals took a session on Physical and Mental Well Being during lockdown, held on Sunday, May 3, 2020. She spoke on the significance of remaining connected to nature and highlighted the importance of using organic food as much as possible and taking care of the mind and body through yoga and meditation.

Now is the time for enhancing one’s culinary skills. Chef Tapan from World Baker, Pal Heights took a session on healthy baking. From using healthy ingredients in baking, to the process of preparing yummy cupcakes and cakes, to give the perfect icing, to the art of plating, the Chef gave a brilliant demonstration on baking.

Chef Michael demonstrated some easy to make healthy veg and non-veg recipes during this lockdown, for the fathers of our SAIoneers. He gave tips on how to prepare chips as well as a continental fish curry. The sessions were really interactive and loved by the parents.

Photos from the Event