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by SAI Admin

22 February, 2018

So, speaking about role models, the first thoughts that comes to my mind are about 5 people, 5 persons who rule my world. They are none other than the members of 1D (One Direction, the best and the most popular boy band in the world), of course!
Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. Although Zayn Malik is not there in the band anymore, he still is a major part of 1D. Let me give you some basic information about 1D. They are the best boyband of the world (and this is based upon true facts and analyses) and this band was formed on 23rd July, 2010 at exactly 08:23 p.m. They have topped the charts every time they released a new album. Right now, they are on a hiatus, continuing with their own respective careers and we all directioners are really hoping for a come-back soon. Now, reasons why I respect 1D a lot and why they are my role models:
They are really good singers and instrumentalists.
Yes, they sing really well. And they play many instruments. Everyone in the band can at least play the guitar or the piano, among other instruments. Their songs are always very touchy and hit right in the heart. They are the best.
The lyrics are always heart-touching.
The lyrics! They make the songs usable at any point of time. They make you happy! Yes, in fact, I would recommend everyone to listen to their songs. They can be therapeutic, I swear.
They can make you happy only by their antics.
Yes, 1D can be very funny at times. Actually, all the time. When we directioners get the time, we YouTube their video diaries of 2010. It is really funny to watch the boys having fun.

They can make you happy.
Yes, if you are sad or stressed, nothing on this planet can be better than 1D (or a mom’s hug) Oh yes, One Direction’s music helps you relax.
They are really talented.
All of the boys are very talented. Harry Styles, other than music, is going to act in the movie Dunkirk, releasing in 2017. Niall Horan has released his first single, ‘This Town’. Louis Tomlinson also has released his own song ‘Just Hold On’ with Steve Aoki. Liam Payne is also on the way of releasing his single soon. And Zayn Malik? He has his album ‘Mind Of Mine’ with his single ‘Pillowtalk’ having topped the charts. What else!
So, this is how I sum up my love and respect for One Direction.